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Buffy The Vampire Slayer

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Saturday 13 September 2003, by isa

With only a few days remaining of the cult TV program Buffy the Vampire Slayer, how do you feel about the way the story is playing out?

Come back on Tuesday to debate the finale and to ask, Where Do We Go From Here?

SC: I didn’t spoil ANYTHING. I didn’t say how it ends or anything to that matter. I was posting information that I’d heard in regards to SMG being on Angel as OTHER people had already questioned.

Jesus, just trying to help. I won’t next time. Enjoy your precious Buffy.


I agree that it hasn’t been the same since early season 6 - but I still think it’s one of the best written and produced shows on TV. And, while I am having difficulty picturing life without Buffy (it really did redefine dramedy), it is better for it to go now than drag on.

As for this season - I’m a bit disappointed that they haven’t brought the fun on more (you promised, Joss!), and I don’t think they’ve built up the First very well (I mean, what has it done that’s so bad, compared to Glory, or the Mayor? And why did everyone evacuated Sunnydale so suddenly?). But there have still been some brilliant episodes, and you know we’re all dying to find out how it all ends.


It is sad to know that tomorrow the last ever episode of "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" will be shown on our screens (in NSW anyway). I’ve been watching it since the very beginning and it has become such a regular thing... Monday nights in front to the TV with a couple of friends and Buffy. To know that after tomorrow, that’ll be it. Yeah there’ll always be the DVDs but it won’t be the same. Never again will there be endings like last week or better yet the week before when after that last scene the credits flash upon the screen and we are all on the edge of our seats knowing we have to wait a WHOLE WEEK to find out what will be the outcome, having something to look forward to. Personally however I did find Angel a little more enjoyable throughout this season, it just seemed more intense at times except the finale was a bit of a let down. These last few episodes of Buffy have been GREAT though and I am just eager to find out what is instore for the end of Buffy. I feel that the characters have changed enormously over the years and even more so in this last season and I can’t wait to find out how it’ll all end. I just hope it doesn’t end with Buffy dying AGAIN, because that would be a let down...

Miss Kitty Fantastico

Witht he way this season is playing out...I’m kinda happy that it’s ending - i think it’s the right time.

But then again I’m still so sad that my favourite show that i watched all through high school is ending :(

Hope the finale goes out with a blast!


Having seen the final ep already, I can say that I’m pretty happy with the way things are panning out. ;o)

I’m with Mabel - I’m VERY disappointed to see Buffy go but, you know, but all good things...

At least Angel is returning for a new season next year (yay!).

I’m just hoping that we can see some of the characters return in one form or another in the future...(I just wish they had gone with a Willow series...It would have SO rocked).

I already know a few things and for those of you into spoilers, there’s info ALL OVER the web already, but I’m not giving anything away here...

Happy trails, Buff.


It will definitely by an end of an era. Although I didn’t start watching Buffy until near end of high school (around season 3 and 4), it was and still is, one of the more influential shows for me. I used to really like watching re-runs of the older Buffy seasons to catch up on the backstory. It’s kind of nice watching the various characters mature, sort of an art imitating life scenario. But I do agree with it ending. I actually thought it should of ended about 1-2 seasons ago. However it will leave a large hole. But after all’s said and done, it is just a TV show, however well done it is. Adios Buffy, thanks for the memories and even some life insights and dare I say, lessons.

Rui Yi

All good things come to an end. It’s been a great ride over the years and will continue thanks to DVD’s. All that fabulous poon made Mondays something to look forward to which is a rare thing indeed! All the best to the Buffy fans.

Shane Arnold

I’m really sad that Buffy’s ending, but I totally agree with Sarah Michelle when she says that it’s better to have Buffy end now when people are still watching it, than drag it for like, 5 more years out until half the original cast have left and the storylines are just ridiculous.

I’m really nervous about the final episode but I’m also excited, because I know that whatever happens, it’ll be fantastic, because that’s something I’ve come to expect from watching Buffy over the years. But I don’t know what I’m going to do when it’s gone!

Genny Buzo

I for one will be very sad when Buffy finishes next week, there is still Angel but really its no where near as good as Buffy, but perhaps the altered cast next year will make it better. I’ve watched it almost from the very begining, and not only is it the best show I’ve ever watched, it’s probably likely to remain so, or at least be my favorite show ever, Joss Whedon is a god!

For those interested in sydney events theres some buffy celebration going on at paddy’s on Kents info at www.buffydownunder.com/


This link has information on last episode parties in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane http://buffy.com.au/finale/index.asp


Danja, what’s your definition of "no spoilers"...


i’m with J Fisher. it was shocking to see buffy and angel kiss this week, and perplexing too. surely they’ve grown at least a bit over the past few years. i can only cling to the hope that nothing is what it seems in this show. but i’m still a great fan, almost nothing could replace it. am hoping the best for the most faithful characters spike and xander in the final ep. but i’m a bit worried....


I’m sorry to see Buffy go, I remember many years ago, heading out to see this ’really cool’ movie called ’Buffy: The Vampire Slayer’, the original film starring Kristy Swanson and Luke Perry.

When the TV series first started, I’ve got to admit, I was put off by Sarah MIchelle Gellar and even though, to this day, I don’t have a lot of love for the girl or her portrayal of Buffy, it’s because of Andrew and Spike and Willow that I keep watching.

Now I know how it all ends, and baby, you’re in for a BIG one. I also know that SMG will be making an appearance on Angel around November in the States.

The one thing I’m worried about is that Joss still hasn’t figured out HOW Spike is going to fit in with the whole Angel story arc. Regardless, Joss Whedon, Marti Noxon and the rest of the extraordinarily talented cast and crew from over the years - Thank you for all your hard work at entertaining us. I’ll be toasting your future successes as the credits to "Chosen" roll across the screen.

Danja Trajkovic

I am with SP. The last two series rocked. How awful if we missed Buffy’s struggle with her dark sexual side and Spike’s wanting to be a better man for his slayer. This is great TV and god forbid if the musical episode was never written.

The journey for all these charcters is wonderful and without Buffy’s return from the dead Faith would never have found her way back, Willow needed to learn that a good act is not always percieved that way by others and I personally love the southern minister. Next Monday will be a sad day - thank god for DVD’s.


Amanda Fry

Does anyone know of any sydney events to celebrate the last ep?

Sunnydale Graduate

As an avid Buffy fan, I have to say I will sorely miss her come Tuesday morning. However, I think the timing is right. She was killed in five, depressed in six, and now it all ends in seven. Buffy is "all growed up", and I think her character didn’t really have a long way to go. Let her end now before she gets old(er?) and bitter.


Having seen the last episode, I think they wrap the whole show up very well. I am just gutted it’s over ..


its a fun, series & i will miss the show very much. I thiknk its great that Angel has been written into the last show.

buffy fan

Seven years of my life i have been a devout Buffy-follower. I suppose i could go and get a life, but i think i’ll just buy the DVD’s.

Emma Lord

Sunnydale Grad - I haven’t seen a pash between Dawn & Andrew but it may happen in the last episode..I say give Andrew his own show and Angel a set of weights and a treadmill.


the plot doesn’t make much sense, and the main character - buffy - goes from being cold unfeeling general-wannabe one minute to immature teenager-wannabe the next. the only character who has brought out any real warmth in her is spike, but he should really fall in love with someone else who is actually worthy of him. and what’s up with angel? he just lost his son and (probably) the woman he loves too, but he turns up in sunnydale all smiles and goofiness? how shallow can the title characters get? buffy and angel as a couple were over in season 3 - i used to like them together, but there’s just no chemistry anymore and they’ve both moved on.

J Fisher

I’m surprised at people’s critique of the last two series, without the changes to our nearest & dearest characters you simply would of been bored beyond belief...remember 90210????

Compared to anything else aired on the idiot box which actually involves real actors, Buffy clearly stands as a benchmark production. Bravo.


All I’ll be saying on this coming Monday night, with a drink in one hand and chips in the other is "Angel and Spike!!! fight! fight! fight! fight! fight! fight! fight! fight! fight! fight! fight! fight! fight! fight! fight!" Bring on the final butt-kicking episode of the century :)

TuiSiong hie

I agree that Buffy should have finished when she was "killed" after she sacrificed herself for Dawn. The next two seasons were just going through the motions. That said, I will miss my weekly dose of Buffy, (there were still some good lines) and look forward to future episodes of Angel (hubba hubba).

K Thomas

I’ve had great difficulty watching Season 7 as i was a HUGE Tara fan and seeing Willow and Kennedy together has been quite upsetting,so much so that in watching a S7 ep.last night i had to watch Season 5’s "Family" to get it out of my system! I attended a BTVS con. in New York in June at which Amber Benson felt the show had lost some of its direction without Giles and Tara around to act as moral compasses.From what i’ve seen Willow seems almost clueless without Tara’s calming influence.However,the world won’t be the same without Buffy.

John Fowler

The latest season of Angel has possessed what Buffy has not - a gripping and coherent storyline. Then again Angel has always been the grown-up relative of Buffy and this has been shown to sharp relief all this season. Fatigue has crept into this season and it is a good decision by Gellar and Whedon to call it a day. Please let Buffy die in peace with no room for yet another resurrection!

Exhausted and slightly bored late night viewer

Vale, Buffster. Love ya, always will. It’s been a blast.


Dawn a babe. Me like.


I have seen the last episode and i am not dissapointed with the ending. For those who say that btvs should have ended buffy at the end of season 5. They did. Btvs stopped airing buffy at the end of season 5 and from season 6 onwards, buffy was aired on UPN which targets a more mature audience. Obviously Buffy will need to adapt to its new group of viewers.

What makes buffy so amazing is because she too, goes thru all the stages of life like we do. Therefore her character must also mature. Obviously it does lose some of the humour which is why someone used to call buffy a "teeny boppy" show. But the new things buffy faced as an adult brings a whole new dimension to the show.

I do agree that some of the stories in the last 2 seasons were questionable. But then it is all a matter of taste. And Joss is unpredictable in his writing and he does try to shock viewers by going against their wishes. (How many times have a show flopped once the writer’s let certain people get together or lets the character achieve some goal of their life). I did prefer spike when he was evil and i still believe buffy should only be with angel. But had Joss kept Buffy going on those storylines, the show would have been canned a long time ago long with x-files.


I have been a huge fan of BTVS since being introduced to the Scooby Gang halfway through Season 1. However, it has to be said that the show reached its peak in Season 3 (apart from the final episode with that giant plastic looking snake - yuck!) the Mayor was possibly the best villian ever to appear on BTVS and Faith turning evil (so to speak) made for some excellent fight scenes with Buffy. However, ever since Angel left the producers have tried to replace him with the poor mans version - Spike! There is none of the chemistry that Buffy & Angel had with Spike and they didn’t devote enough time to evil Willow (who is up there as one of the scariest evil persons). Nevertheless, it was bound to happen, no worthy show can continously churn out brilliant episode after brilliant episode for 7 years! Buffy will be missed as she was a great role model for young women showing that with courage, diginity and love 1 girl to each generation can have a major impact! Buffy you will be missed! But saying that what is wrong with a new show "Faith the Vampire Slayer"? and please make sure Andrew goes over to Angel (even if just for comedic value!)

Slayer Fan

Buffy redefined TV for me. Scripts that defied genre, characters who broke conventions, girls who kick arse.

It’s time for it to go. There have been some dodgy series, and what I’ve seen of 7 has been uneven. Mostly the contrast within the cast - willow and buff as superheroes vs everyone else as normal folks - has made it hard to keep the action as tight as it used to be.

I missed a lot of season 6, and am waiting for 7 to come out on DVD so I can watch them all at once. It may have gone down a bit, but there’s no way that I’m not going to see every second.


I can’t believe it’s coming to an end. Season 6 was fantastic! But i don’t think the Buffy/Spike relationship had all the time it deserved at the beginning of season seven. I’m thrilled that Angel turned up (to give it some spice) but i can’t believe that Buffy didn’t even hesitate before kissing him - does not bode well for poor Spike - and that Caleb was so easy to kill. What happended to the Angel i used to love - now he’s all cheesy grins and smartie pants attitude. I have to agree that the potentials are a painful bunch that don’t deserve to have Buffy fighting for them.

A spike spin off would be great - he’s better than Angel which has really had a bad season. But we’re probably better with nothing as it would never be able to live up the standards set by the Buffster.

Mel L

Buffy has been a great source of enjoyment over the years. Sure, some episodes have been dissapointing, especially Season 6, but overall it has surpassed itself many times over with Joss Whedon’s brilliant direction. As for this week’s episode I screamed with much delight when Buffy and Angel locked lips. I cannot wait until the finale and it will be sad to say goodbye but I think the time has come. I agree with of the other opinions that Andrew was not utilised enough. Perhaps Joss can send him to Angel with Spike.


I think the show has some of the best characters an actor could wish to play and that the show has been undervalued as a ’serious’ show. It will survive where many others haven’t.

While sometimes appearing to be just light and fluffy they managed to deal with a range of topical and important issues in such a way you don’t always realise until afterwards what they just did.

Full credit to Joss Whedon and his team of writers and producers for providing such consistency over the past 7 years, and for the actors who brought the show to life.

It showed teenagers growing up (and backwards) and the everyday issues everyone faces - family, friends, love, money, school, ’where-do-I-fit-in’, bad habits, humour, loyalty etc.

It’s ending at the right time - on a high note.

It’s a shame that it hasn’t received more mainstream recognition from the something like the Emmy’s!

Gail Williams

The 7th Season of Buffy has been one of the most incredible seasons of Buffy. Though it has few stand-alone episodes, the direction of David Solomon and James Contner, the writing of Espenson and Goddard have been nothing short of brilliant. I defy anyone to find a show that has been better this year. I think the Potential Slayers get a bit too much bad play, many people find them annoying but I find them good and very necessary for the show as its characters have grown way past the adolescence stage. Joss Whedon and Marti Noxon have been sorely missed over the last two years, but with episodes like the Andrew centred ’Storyteller’ the Spike centred ’Beneath You’, ’Sleeper’ and ’Lies My Parents Told Me’, the Anya centred ’Selfless’ and the magnificent ’Help’ combined with the now classic episodes ’Conversations With Dead People’ and ’Dirty Girls’ this season gets an easy nine out of ten for me. The only season that is better is the second season.

I do agree though that it is the right time for the season to end, rather then fade out.

Ryan Oswin

The last 10 min of last episode was the best, seeing Angel and Buffy together again was excellent...One for the true fans. This season unfortunatly was not written much by Joss Whedon so that’s probably why those pain in the arses slayerettes are such an annoyance. Buffy Rocks and it will be sadly missed. Hopefully Joss will now concentrate on Angel so we can get back to Good writing...

Jocy Palma

buffy used to be a wonderful TV show, unfortunately it has become a bit boring this season. also, the plot doesn’t seem to make much sense - what exactly is the first evil’s masterplan? it had potential to be a cool "big bad", but instead it’s just lame. and buffy kissing angel in the penultimate episode? what’s that all about? especially since she realised in ’first date’ that she’s still in love with spike. she’s not a teenager anymore, even though she acts like it most of the time!

carolyn rhodes

I am a mega fan of the show and think it is sad it is ending but without SMG there is no Buffy so i respect the decision to end the show.Although say what you like the happiest days of Buffy where when her and Angel where together and Ialways thought in the end the two characters were destined to be together ,with Angel conyinueing(although i enjoy the programme)this is not going to happen and this is very sad as to me they made the show such a big hit!

Jade Antoinette Higgins

I’m so disappointed that after all the potential Buffy had to be a true heroine, they destroyed her character to the extent that she solves all her problems with her fists, abuses her boyfriends and kisses her ex after spending the night with her current bloke. The slayer wannabes are boring and annoying, and distract from the main characters. I’ve seen the last episode too, and while it was OK (better than ’End of Days’) it was nothing special. BtVS should have finished in Season 5, when the characters still had character. Xander used to be the heart of the group but he just grew more selfish and intolerant, Giles turned from a wise mentor into a devious jerk, and Dawn never stopped being whiny. The only ones left that I still like are Spike and Willow. The only real "heroine" on the show was Tara, but they killed her off.


I have given this series a virtual miss after the slayer wannabes just got under my fingernails once to many times. BUT I still look to Buffy for some of the best, most memorable lines on TV ever (remember when angel became human and was being attacked by some demon and Buffy screamed at the demon ?you hurt my boyfriend??!!? before she whipped his supernatural ass? Such a California girl line?)

I fell like Buffy is a friend from high school: we grew up together, we fell in love together, sometimes we fought battles and had adventures together, and now, we?ll see each other maybe at reunions or when I crank up the DVD player and we can ?visit?.

I still believe that BTVS is (and will remain) among the best entertainment television ever written. Under-appreciated? Yes. Brilliant and creative? Definitely.

buffy’s best friend

So, so, so, so sad that its all nearly over. However, finish while you are on top, I say!

This show has given me a great group of friends to catch up with once a week, a few mortal enemies to hate and whole lotta tears and laughter. Joss Whedon, you are a modern day genius. Let’s thank him for the years of hard work and intellectual excellence he has put into this terrible movie turned supreme quality TV comedy/drama/horror.

Long live Buffy and may we see more of Sarah Michelle on our movie screens in the future!!!

sack of hammers

I have been a huge fan of the buffster and her scooby gang since day one. The best thing about the show was the writing. It was slick and quick with the wit. It truely was the most original thing on tv. You could tune in and enjoy and hour full of fun entertainment. But since the show has moved to UPN, the storylines have been total crap. It became dark and serious. And honestly,there is no wit of humour in the show anymore. The only good thing to happen on the show when it moved to UPN was the devolopment of willow/Tara..which the creators decided to destroy in the worst fashion. The creators made some poor story decisions in season six. Season seven was meant to be their opportunity to redeem themselves..they promised they would. but when you get on a downward slide, its hard to come back to where you came. And the show never did. Sadly, its had its time..Season seven is truely its worst..I never thought that would have been possible after season six ended. The characters now are just pathetic and If they all die in the end, i couldn’t care less...its the best thing that could happen. The show should have ended at the end of season five...it should have went out with a bang...not like it has. which is a pity..I could go on..there’s so much MORE i could say..ie Dawn, the wannabe slayers..that KISS with ANGEL last night..PALEASE..but i won’t remember the last two seasons..they’ll soon be forgotten. But i’ll have my DVD box sets, season one to Five to remember just what it was that made me love the Buffyverse in the first place. Long live the slayer, the chosen one. There will never be another..BUFFY RIP 1997-2003


In the current series the first said that it wasn’t spikes time yet, Well arter what he saw of angel and buffy it is about to be his time...

carl jolly

I too like most of you have been a Buffy fan since day one.

For those of you who thought the penultimate episode was lame don’t depair. The final episode is going to be kick ass but there needed to be some build up work done.

Also while there will not be a Faith spin off I understand that they are still trying to work something out with some of the other Scooby’s except for Spike that is because he is going to pop up on Angel.

Joanne Daly

I reckon that this is an excellent season. The possabilities are endless with a show like BTVS. It’s a shame that such an original show is coming to an end.

C Win

evenstar, yes. I totally agree with you. Andrew was a great character, and I heard somewhere that he and Dawn pash? Is this correct, did I miss it?

Sunnydale Graduate

It’s a shame this season has suffered from poor scripting, bad lighting, even dodgier effects and the absence of Joss Whedon’s superb direction. Yet seasons three, five and six remain incredible television.

Jason Mallee Richardson

To Craig Nicholls, How could you not have liked monday’s episode of buffy? I was on the verge of cheering when Buffy & Angel kissed! I think Dawn fitted into the show really well too...she definetly plays the part of the annoying little sister well!

Mrs Boreanaz

I’ve seen the last one and all you people who say that last series wasn’t so great wait until next week and then come bcak and complain...


It feels like they lost their way with the plot - as if they didn’t really plan it out and now they can’t be bothered to wrap it up well. The only thing keeping the show alive this year has been Spike, even Willow who’s normally my favourite character is boring - she was much better written on "Angel". At least they brought the comedy back - watching Buffy and Angel "kiss" was hilarious! They lost all chemistry as a couple back in Season 3.

Josie Marton

I thought last night’s episode was a total wash. I have been an avid Buffy watcher from day one, and I was disgusted with the end of last night’s episode. Going over old ground is tiresome, and frankly Angel kissing Buffy was the dumbest thing that’s ever been written into a recent script ( besides Dawn ). I also thought the last episode of Angel was terrible too. Conor getting a family was predictable and entirely stupid. He’s been the most interesting character by far for the last season, and while there is no doubt a way for him to be reintroduced into the series, it’s going to have to be pretty good. Recent storylines are hopefully not an insight into what’s to come.

Craig Nicholls

I have been a huge fan of BTVS for many many years but have found that over this last series most episodes have been full of long winded sentences that never seem to mean anything or get to any particular point..Having said that however it will be sad to see the show wrap up..Fingers crossed Channel 7 will find a suitable replacement..Long live Buff & Co...P.S. Anyone else think more could have been done with Andrew in the show?


Buffy has been my favourite televison show since it aired seven years seasons ago. It will be greatly missed by many adoring fans. Joss Whedon and the rest of the cast and crew have done an excellent job over the years. The writers have written great scripts and the actors have portrayed there characters in great depths. It is ashame that something this good ever has to come to an end. It will be greatly missed by all those who have ever watched it.

Devoted fan

The best TV show ever. I have loved this show since day 1. I have cried and laughed throughout. Buffy and Angel will do down in history as one of the greatest TV couples in history. If you’ve watched seasons 1-3 you know what Im talking about. Nothing else nowdays compares to the modern scooby gang. They set the standards and others copied. BUFFY WAS THE FIRST FEMALE TO KICK ASS


Desperate Brother, I can’t help you with the tape, but your sister might want to read a detailed synopsis of what went down in the penultimate episode at http://www.upn.com/shows/buffy/episodes/season07/show_21.shtml


Yes I dearly love the show, yes it probably has come to the end of it’s natural life, and of course it isn’t a patch on earlier series, but enough of that and onto something SOOO much more important.....Please, please help me! If there is anybody out there who may have (accidently, of course) recorded last nights penultimate BTVS episode, and would be willing to send a copy of that tape to me on the Gold Coast(reward involved!!)... could they PLEASE contact me at cpd_72@yahoo.com. My lovely, trusting and holidaying sister may just kill me otherwise.

It’s not my fault the clock was set wrong on our VCR!!!

Desperate Brother

Buffy is my post-modern, post-feminist, post-ecclesiastical heroine. She precisely represents the technology/communication-focused post-X generation. I’ve tried with Alias et. but after Buffy they just aren’t making it. TV will never be the same.


I am loving this series. I am glad to see the humour and wonderful sarcastic one-liners return to the writing. The comic-tragic character of Spike is developing nicely and it seems the love and friendship of the "scooby-gang" will save the world (again) I will miss the great humour, fear, adrenaline rush and cool fighting that has entertained me late at night for so long!

would be slayer

I love the show and I will miss it. I have been a fan since the first season. I actually know how it ends, and it should be a memorable episode. Thankfully we will still have Angel next year and that show will be bigger and brighter than ever with a really special addition to the cast, and that knowledge keeps me going.

Roslyn Capell

All I can say is it’s about time. BTVS should’ve been canned about two seasons ago. The story lines have been almost non-existant and the characters are irritating and self-involved. Anything that could have made it remotely interesting, such as Willow’s turn to the dark side, were badly handled and always led to an anti-climax. And the introduction of superfluous characters such as Dawn and the wannabe slayers...? ’Nuff said.

Buffy Slayer

Given that BTVS has been going for seven seasons and remained a staple for many viewers around the world, I am sad to see its demise. personally I feely that this season has been a long time coming and is building to provide loyal BVTS fans with the conclusion they deserve.

The Last

Buffy has had its day, the format is tired! This season, despite Faith’s presence, hardly fulfilled my expectations. Willow is painful, Xander does nothing, Dawn still hasn’t justified her inclusion into the fold and Anya hardly gets the screen time her character warrants. Plus, does anyone else find themselves squinting to make out what is actually happening? I realise the end is nigh but does Armageddon need be so damn dark?

Freddie Prinze Jr

Buffy and SMG have had there day. The last 2 seasons have been quite disappointing. This season the story has revolved around these would-be slayers and the "First" its been hard to tell the difference from one episode to the next...nothing changed week to week. You say there’s only one episode left? Hmmm I don’t think it will finalise anything....there will be no happy ending. Its time for Buffy and the scooby-gang to rest in peace.


Although Buffy’s been hit and miss in the last few years, it’s still one of the most consistently interesing and innovative shows on television. I’m flabbergasted as to how episodes such as Becoming, Once More and espcially Hush have never won an Emmy. Yes, I’ll agree that the show has lost it’s way since going to UPN at the start of season six, but even the worst Buffy (Beer Bad, anyone?) is better than anything else on the TV nowadays. Oh, and give Andrew his own spin off now! At the very least, move him to Angel. Can you imagine him and Lorne singing away in Caritas? ;)

Warren Meers

i just want it to be over. i’ve kept watching out of loyalty to the good old days (especially seasons 2 & 3) but the last two series have sucked the personalties from willow, zander and giles and turned buffy into a whining self-involved pain. sure, it’ll be sad to see it go, but the kick-ass ’buffy’ left a long time ago.

patrick reardon

I think all good things must come to an end. I feel Joss Whedon has completed the story he wanted to tell, and has other outlets for further creations in the Buffyverse with "Angel" and "Fray" (a comic about a future Slayer). He’s done a remarkable job fashioning a such precise little world, which encompasses fantastic characters and a detailed mythos. True, it’s sad that it has to end, but at least we got a good story out of it. Huzzah to Joss!

Ben Storey

I am sad that it is ending, but know it has to before it goes stale (ahem...x files). It is the only show which I will put aside one hour a week just to watch that, and look forward to the next ep minutes after I watch the current one. It has humour, style, drama, action, and love. I think it is the one show which sums up my generation (the nineties kids) and am an avid fan.

willow, smg says she is willing to appear on angel, and some of the writers have mentioned it, but I doubt it would happen.

Sunnydale Graduate

First of all, like all Buffy fans, I am devastated that the show is retiring. Though, I do admit that recent seasons have been somewhat lacking. Buffy has become a way of life for so many people. I certainly hope that the rumours of a Faith spin-off are true. It may help to fill the void! Plus allow for many of those guest appearances that we all love.

As for the end of this season, I do think it has been a little all over the place. The fact that the big evil is not tangable probably contributes to this. There just doesn’t seem to be as much going on as in previous seasons. Though, Angel’s appearance last night and the look on Spike’s face makes me think we are in for a very interesting final episode!

Long live Buffy! And down with the continual rumours that they are going to revitalise it with a new slayer. Hello! Fox are selling off EVERYTHING Buffy related on eBay! That sounds pretty final to me!


The series has been going on at least 6 series too long for my liking, good riddance!

Raimond Coneliano

The current seies has been a little flat & melancholy at times but Buffy reign’s supreme & I am holding out for an honourable end! Worthy of the Slayer... Buffy, you will be missed!


Well, it’s been a hell of a ride. At first I didn’t get it, but my husband kept watching and I fell under the show’s spell. Now I’m sad that it’s finishing, but all good things should end before they get tired. This season has been dark, but true to the nature of the show, and the growth of the main characters. No other show has shown me the trueful and painful gaining of maturity by the main characters. And no other show has ever shown me how we all harbour demons, and angels.

LLyn Roberts

I don’t get the whole FIRST thing. Granted i haved missed a couple of episodes, manly when it is programed at 11pm and i fall asleep. Is it a demon??? Or what this is it? I was disappointed in last weeks episode , with everyone sleeping together. And what is with Buffy kissing Angel. I was expecting lots of butt kicking in the final episodes, not kissing.


It jumped the shark sometime around early season 6. But I’ll tune in for the final anyway. At its best, it was a fantastic, culturally significant powerhouse. Go Buffy!


I think the show has stayed true to it’s roots and will do to the ending. Joss Wheedon has never provided viewers with exactly what they expect or heavily sugar coated scenarios and endings. This is one of the reasons why it’s been such a pleasure to watch. As an avid fan of Buffy i’m sad that this is the last season but would be more dissapointed if the show continued until it became boring and old. I don’t think the series last show will be a happy ending but i’m sure it will be satisfying and enjoyable, staying true to the storyline and characters.


Will they rename it with the new slayer? Faith the Vampire Slayer doesn’t quite have the same ring to it...


I’m so sad but last night was such a hot episode, when she walked into the temple you could so tell some higher being was going to talk to her, but caleb doing what he did. Then yay! angel return was fantastic and his line about i miss watching this and just YAY!!!! I’m going to miss buffy but hell its going to be a great episode next week

David Mills

And hell did i say it was HOT!!!!!!...

David Mills

I’m glad it is ending before it goes stale (ahem...xfiles). I am an avid fan, and am eagely awaiting the final episode. While this season has been a bit dark, it is heading towards a possible end of the world. Of course people are going to be a bit blue about that :P

I am glad that Angel will now be able to stand on it’s own two feet, as it is a great show too.

Sunnydale Graduate

I think it’s fantastic to finish the show at this point while it is still entertaining, original, and fun. Too many shows remain past the point of their expiry date because networks want to squeeze as much out of a cult franchise as possible (e.g. X-Files). It’s commendable that the stars and producers have erred towards maintaining the quality of the show, ending it while people are still asking for more, and allowing their young stars to pursue other projects while they still have the selling power.

BTW, I’ve grown up with Buffy and I think she has been one of the most unusual but fantastic role models on TV. She isn’t afraid to be vulnerable and girlie sometimes, she has a sense of humour and a sense of honour in everything that she does. It’s been a great ride and nothing on TV - not Angel, CSI, or Alias, can beat it for innovation and a sense of fun.


I’m really upset that buffy is finishing in a week! This season has been pretty good! It’s great having Faith back on the show! The only characters who I’m not liking are the potential slayers (esp. Kennedy)!

Mrs Boreanaz

All good things must come to and end. You have to agree she can only save the world so many times before it gets boring. Suspension of disbelief is what its all about. And we as audience members are finding it harder and harder to accomplish that state of mind.

Its over folks. Move on. Time to grow up. Watch the news. Or read a book.


this show is the biggest heap of crap the tv network has ever pumped money into.

Let it be over.

Sorry gang, but it’s way overdue. The series has been on a downhill slide ever since it left the WB two years ago. A once imaginative, funny, intelligent show, Buffy is just a cliche of its old self. Sad but true. They should have left Buffy dead and ended with a note of dignity

C Armstrong

It hasn’t been the best or most watchable series, but it is still "Buffy". I’m relieved that Buffy herself has been vindicated after being attacked by her friends a couple of weeks ago. I think that the writers have been a bit stretched - the bones are pretty close to the surface this year. It’ll be good to have my life back, but it has been one of the three best-written and performed shows on television for years now, and I will miss it horribly. B 4 S.


Like all Buffy fans, I wish the show would continue. However I would only want this if SMG were to saty on. The earlier talk of Holly Valance taking over horrified me. I’ve been very impressed by the way Joss has done this last season with returning to the mythical side of the Slayer and her origins. For those who do not know, you are in for a big finale next week! By the way, no big bad will ever compare to the Mayor.


andrew vernals

Last night was the best episode in a long time. Xander rendering Dawn unconcious, Dawn retaliating with a stun gun, Buffy and Angel together again, and as usual, Anya getting all the best lines.


Buffy has been patchy for the last few years and this season more so than most.

Despite a couple of very good episodes (eg "Conversations with Dead People" - Buffy gets psychoanalysed by a friendly but fiendish vampire), in its farewell year the show hasn’t had the peaks of season six ("Once More With Feeling" - the musical), season five ("The Body" - the death of Buffy’s mom), season four ("Hush" - the one where nobody speaks for half the episode), season three ("Doppelgangland" - Willow wears leather) or season two ("Becoming" - Buffy sends Angel to hell).

Still, it’ll be sad to see one of the most consistently well written and acted shows on television end.

Jean Prouvaire

to be honest, I think season seven proves that it is time for buffy to close up shop before it deteriorates into a second rate show. I think this final season is fairly mediocre, but thankfully the final Buffy stopped it from being outright dreadful.

I think the fatal mistake the series made this season was putting too much emphasis on Spike and neglecting the other Scoobies...

in any case, it has been an enjoyable seven years, and undoubtedly one of the best shows in recent years. Thank you!


Its been an amazing, funny, brilliant, groundbreaking show. So many highlights: the musical, the silent episode, ALL of season 3, the flowering onion...etc Sad that its ending, but its about time really, this season has been the worst. Shame that Eliza Dushku didn’t take up Joss Whedon’s idea for a Faith spin-off....had potential to be as big as Buffy.


There is nothing worse than a once great TV show overstaying its welcome. As much as I will miss Buffy it is time for it to end gracefully and with dignity.


It is sad to see Such a Great show finish. it has been one of the most intellegent, funny scary, dramatic shows out there.

Lets Hope Channel 7 doesnt screw us around and still airs angel next year

Shaun Carroll

My wife is devastated and will have to console herself with her collection of Buffy DVDs! At least Angel is still there, although I’ll turn off if Cordy goes!


I have been watching Buffy since it began and this is by far the biggest and best season yet!!! This show keep’s getting better and better. The characters are so complex and well thought out. Buffy has grown up this season and it shows, she has become a true leader and a true hero. She will never be forgotten. I wait with baited breathe for the final episode, what will happen??? Who know’s!!!!

Nathan Male

She may have saved the world a lot, But she also saved a lot of girls (and some men) from total fashion disaster, with her Gen X ’tude,quick tongue and fashionable, yet reasonably priced tasteful wardrobe. Having turned off season 6 (bar the hillariously overdone musical episode ) due to its miserable scripting.. I was delighted, and a little thrilled to see the storyline in Season 7 progress so quickly.. From beneath us it devours indeed. In fact in our charming office this morning, more discussion about buffy/angel hopefuls than the business of the day! One can only hope Ms Summers fulfills her dream to be "free of her demons" once and for all... personal success for a gal in her 20’s? or just a very clever script.. I’ve seen the last episode.. but wont be cruel enough to divulge the ending .... Your in for a treat

Scooter MR

I am devastated that Buffy is ending. There is a small part of me that still believes it will be back, but it Sarah Michelle is sick of it, how can you continue without Buffy? I think the mood of the whole 7th series has been really dark and miserable, and there is this sense of there being no hope for a happy ending. At least we have Angel to console us next year. Wonder if SMG will make a guest appearance in that one day??