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"Hex" Tv Series has been axed

Neil Wilkes

Thursday 27 April 2006, by Webmaster

Confirmed: Supernatural drama ’Hex’ axed

Sky One’s supernatural drama Hex has been axed after two series, it has been confirmed.

The show began strongly two years ago with a peak of almost a million viewers for the launch, but audiences steadily declined to around 200,000 viewers by the time series two finished last December.

"Hex was an exciting, original idea that captured the attention of critics and audiences alike," Sky One controller Richard Woolfe told Broadcast. "We’re extremely proud of the series, but feel that it’s come to a natural end. I’m confident that the ideas we have in development will have a similar impact when they’re broadcast."

The series is the second original commission to be axed by Woolfe in as many weeks, having already ditched long-running football drama Dream Team.

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  • "Hex" Tv Series has been axed

    31 July 2007 21:30, by Diane L. Bacci
    Hex was one of the greatest shows I have ever watched It should have never been axed. The characters were superb actors great and the story was like I couldn’t wait for the next one. Buffy, Angel & Charmed could not hold a candle to Hex. I think season 2 was great don’t get me wrong season one was also good but there really should be an ending to this great story we were left hanging not knowing what happened to the others. I only know what happened to Thelma , Leon & Ella what about the dark ones did they all burn in the fire where were the Sons of Light to fight the Sons of Darkness and why did no-one attempt to rescue poor Roxanne. That was bad you really should finish the show. Make a sequel to it like a movie or something we in the US loved Hex and would like to see the real ending!!!!!!!!!!!!.
  • "Hex" Tv Series has been axed

    23 February 2008 20:14, by Gurkha
    My wife and I totally enjoyed the series, having a change of main cast members and such was a refreshing change. It was like intellegent literature on TV, not stupid tripe written in under an hour and produced in even less time. We will surely miss it.
  • "Hex" Tv Series has been axed

    9 October 2008 06:36
    I still think it’s such a shame that this show was cancelled. It was such a refreshing show. I’m upset even moreso by its cancellation because of the way the 2nd season ended. The world is at stake and we don’t get to find out what happens?! Boo, poor timing for the world to stop watching this show!
  • "Hex" Tv Series has been axed

    19 July 2009 05:25
    I am sad that it ended :( Loved that show and I wish I knew the ending! I think the other response was great about making a movie on it so there can be an ending :)