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I once shot a man in Reno... How much the cancellation of Firefly affected the world...

Saturday 6 January 2007, by Webmaster

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  • this piece is an offense, in my opinion, to all the victims of this truly horrible event during the Viet Nam war - even as a piece of current cartoons, it is a mixed-up bag of nonsense - Are we to understand this as a comment on fans of Firefly and Browncoats - are we to understand that the fans and followers of this series are so rabid that they can be described or connected in anyway to the horrible events at My Lai.

    Perhaps I am just being stupid or too un-cool to get this cartoon - or this is some new low-depth of trolling - whatever, I find it utterly offensive; as history, as cartooning, as comment of pop culture - to trivialize the deaths of the victims and soldiers of that war shows a singular lack of empathy with people who have lived through this kind of violence in their lives.

  • uh yes it’s pretty offensive, but isn’t that why the other said, ’i think we’re done’ then??
  • It’s just an issue from a webcomic... uh, xkcd.com, I think. There’s no great political or fan based commentary- they start playing a rhyming game and then the first guy crosses the line into offensive.