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IDW Continuing Angel in Comic Form

By Chiusano

Sunday 23 January 2005, by Webmaster

However, you can believe this, because it’s TRUE TRUE TRUE!

Well, kinda.

: So what did happen in the last few seconds of the "Angel" season finale? Did they all die? All live and squash the big bad? Or merely just shake the big fire-breathing Dragons hand? - At last, we might finally find out.

Er, nope. Not right away, anyway. But the first mini WILL be set after the show’s finale, anyway. More or less. Kind of. If we’re doing this book.

I trust I’ve cleared this matter up completely.

: According to Silver Bullet Comics, a new "Angel" comic series is on the way, which looks like resolving some of the lingering cliffhangers from the series finale.

Oh, wait, this rumor came from Blair at All the Rage? That guy’s NEVER right, is he? Hmm. Now I just don’t know what to believe. Are we doing ANGEL or aren’t we?

: The mini-series will be published by IDW, who recently snagged the rights to "Angel" from Dark Horse. Joss Whedon will be onboard as a creative advisor.

I like the sound of that. Might have to use it in the eventual press release. If this news is, in fact, true, that is.

: Interestingly, none of the characters from "Buffy" can turn up in this new comic series, because Dark Horse still own all the rights to Sommers and company.

Whatever...! If we can’t do a Principal Snyder miniseries, I might just call the whole deal off. Hmm... I smell inter-company crossover! That could be bigger than Identity Crisis, and feature more prgnant pauses than the upcoming House of M! If only Mike Richardson would return my calls. Or knew my name.

: The first "Angel" comic should hit newstands in Summer 2005, with a "Faith" mini- series rumoured to follow soon after.

Oh, you bet, FAITH will happen right after Fox brings back TRU CALLING...

This part maybe isn’t so true, but I won’t deny it completely on the off-chance that I get to have a meeting with Eliza Dushku and tell her the many ways I’d care for her and treat her special-like. Her character, I mean.

I love rumors. Especially the true ones. I’m just not sure if this is that.