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Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Indian company brings Buffy to your phone

By Shradha Sukumaran

Sunday 23 May 2004, by Webmaster

It launched its movie link-up with the nerdy Peter Parker who swung through the streets of New York and the tormented Bruce Banner who turned into the Hulk.

But now Indiagames Ltd is expanding its repertoire from just racing, shooting and action in mobile games. Apart from tying up with this week’s release The Day After Tomorrow, the company has big plans for your little phones in the next few months and it’s all about bringing in the movies.

“We’re getting major Hollywood brands,” says Indiagames founder and CEO Vishal Gondal, “We’re going to tie up with at least six more movies soon.”

After The Day After Tomorrow, vampire busters Buffy and Van Helsing will hunt the blood-sucking cretins and Indiagames promises much more movie-related game fun through its tie-up with Hutch, Airtel, BPL and other networks.

“Airtel will launch the Day After Tomorrow game in the next few weeks, while Buffy is still under production,” says Gondal.

In Day After Tomorrow, directed by Independence Day director Roland Emmerich, the big enemy is nature - several disasters strike to wipe out earth.

In The Day After Tomorrow game, you escape a tornado in level one, two has hailstorms and lightening, three floods, four blizzards with hungry wolves and bears and the last - a killer freeze! Your job is to take shelter and survive the onslaught.

As for Buffy, Indiagames is looking at developing it with another character, so hopefully good vampire Spike will be roped in. Downloading these games costs about Rs 50 and they are supported by over 35 models, including Nokia, Samsung, Siemens and LG.

The company, that owns the worldwide exclusive rights to some of the movies, makes the games in eight languages.

“We’ve tied up with Disney, Sony, Universal and Fox, despite selling about 20,000 games a day, India forms only five per cent of our market. It’s still growing. Besides, we sell it in the UK for about five pounds, but in India, it costs only Rs 50 per game.”

Indiagames has also dappled in Hindi movies with Munnabhai MBBS, Aitbaar and Plan based on the plots of the movies, but is concentrating more on global Hollywood.

Who knows? With big movies round the corner, we could be frantically helping Harry Potter get rid of the evil at Hogwarts or Achilles rescue Helen of Troy on our tiny mobile screens.