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Indigo (Rona) - Hollywoodmovie.about.com

Monday 19 May 2003, by Webmaster

Series finale teaser

This season, Buffy has been joined by a group of young girls, slayers in training, any of whom might be called upon to fight monsters should the current slayer pass away. One such slayer in training is Rona, played by the actress Indigo. Indigo is new to the world of Buffy, having only joined the cast this year, but she is already feeling like part of the family.

She came to the party to celebrate the finale with her castmates, and gave a tease of the last episode.

What can you tell us about the finale? I can’t tell you anything.

Do you get to fight? Yeah, we all get to fight. I can tell you that much.

Did you have fight training? I took Capoeira which is a Brazilian martial art for a couple of months, but I had no idea that I would be able to use any of it eventually.

Did they train you all together? No, we learn it on the spot. Individually, they come at us. Depending on who the shot is on, they come to us and they weekly show us what we’re going to be doing, rehearse it a couple of times and then we shoot it.

What drew you to the Buffy universe? It’s interesting. I auditioned to play an English girl, a completely different character and they liked me a lot but that character died in the same episode that you meet her, and they didn’t want to kill me off right away. So, they called me the next week and they told me that I got the part, and I’m thinking that I’m still going to be this English girl, so I went and I got a dialogue tape and I’m studying my English accent. I get to the set and it was a completely different character. So, they actually wrote the character Rhona around me.

Were you a fan of the show? No, I didn’t really watch it before I was on it. I don’t watch it now because I don’t like watching myself. But, I read the scripts when I get them, so I know what’s going on.

How will this finale surpass the others? I haven’t seen any of the other finales, but this is going to be a special one because this is the last one. This is it. This is the end of Buffy. Hopefully, people will be tuning in and watching.

How do you psyche yourself up to play this character?

I’m a tough girl. I’m pretty athletic, so I kind of knew what to expect, a little bit of what to expect when I signed on to the show. What’s next for you? I did a pilot for Aaron Spelling.

Will you be in the tough girl business after this? I think so. I’ve been at it for a while. It’s interesting because I always play the tough girl but it’s never the same kind of tough girl. I don’t really look at it as me being typecast.

Any more hints for the final episode? Lots of fighting. I can tell you that. Lots of fighting. Somehow the fans always end up finding out what’s going on before we do.