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Ireland’s first ever Serenity/Firefly event Announced !

Monday 17 October 2005, by Webmaster

UT Events is pleased to announce Ireland’s first ever Serenity/Firefly event, SERENITY: Two by Two.

This full day event will run from 9am on Saturday 12th of November at Village Cinemas in the Odyssey Pavilion, Belfast.

We are delighted to have two of the movie’s stars in attendance on the day - Summer Glau (River Tam) and Jewel Staite (Kaylee Frye).

Summer Glau, who plays the traumatised River Tam on the show and is the central character featured in the movie, trained and performed as a dancer throughout her teenage years. Her first acting job was on Joss Whedon’s ANGEL episode Waiting In The Wings as the Prima Ballerina. She has since worked on shows such as Cold Case, CSI and The 4400 but her roll on Serenity is predicted to send her acting career into orbit.

Jewel Staite has a myriad of credits to her name. Firefly fans know her as Kaylee, the ships mechanic, but her early career saw her in films like Liar, Liar and TV shows such as The Odyssey and The X-Files. More recently she has guest starred in shows like Wonderfalls, Huff and Stargate: Atlantis.

SERENITY: Two by Two will be their first convention appearance in Ireland and they are very much looking forward to meeting fans here in Belfast. The day will include everything you have come to expect from UT Events including guest talks, an autograph session, a photograph session and prize giveaways.

There will also be an after-show party in The Factory on Gresham Street, one of Belfast’s newest nightspots. All ticket holders will have free access to the club and the first 80 ticket holders for the event will receive a VIP pass, giving them access to the VIP room and a drinks reception with the guests. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the venue, the after-show party is only open to those 18 and older.

Full details can be found on our website at www.utevents.co.uk and we recommend signing up to our Yahoo! Group (link on the site) to stay up to date with all the latest developments.

We are expecting this event to be very popular and tickets will sell fast once the film is released on the 7th October. If you want to guarantee your place then we recommend you book early and remember that if you want VIP access at the after-show party then you must be one of the first 80 ticket holders.

Tickets for Serenity: Two By Two cost 27 including booking fee (30 on the door if there are any tickets remaining). You can book for this event immediately in any of the following ways.

Phone- 07708 295 283 You can book by credit card by calling our booking hotline. This is the quickest way to ensure you get a ticket.

Post- You can book by cheque, postal order or credit card by printing a booking form from our website and sending it to the address provided.

Caroline Music stores- You can book with cash, cheque or credit card in Caroline Music in the Park Centre and The Gramophone Shop in Belfast city centre.

Enquires can be sent to info@utevents.co.uk or you can call our booking hotline on 07708 295 283 with any questions about the event.

This promises to be a day to remember.

UT Events

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