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Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Is there Life After Buffy ? - SFX Magazine Article

Sunday 14 September 2003, by Webmaster

Is there Life After Buffy? Some have done movies, one writes and directs (clever Amber), but which Buffy stars have their best years ahead of them? Words: David Golder.

Nicholas Brendon: Poor Nick Brendon, poor lovely Nick Brendon. Apart from Buffy his CV is distressingly thin. During Buffy’s run he appeared in such non Oscar-bothering fare as Psycho Beach Party and Demon Island. And post-Buffy? A small role in a TV pilot called The Pool at Maddy Breaker’s. 10 years down the line?: He was once rumoured to be up for Spider-Man, and we hope he can find something to prove there’s more to him than Xander. Sadly, we have a horrible feeling that he’ll be the first one to sign up when Joss Whedon proposes Buffy: The Middle-Age Years in years to come.

Emma Caulfield: She scored a surprise success with Darkness Falls, but she doesn’t seem to have anything high-profile in the pipeline. Surely Hollywood beckons. 10 years down the line?: With accent on youth in Hollywood these days, can the 30 year-old Emma Caulfield catch up? And she told SFX she may even finish her degree at 40, so it’s a guess as to whether she’ll even be acting then.

Anthony Head: It may not be any more than a cult hit over here, but Buffy has reinvigorated the former Gold Blend man’s career this side of the pond. Ripper may be little more than a pipe dream at the moment (get on with it Whedon!), but Head’s done alright, taking lead roles in the BBC’s Sex In The City-for-middle-aged-men drama Manchild, the psychological TV thriller Reversal and he can be seen in next year’s brilliantly titled Antonio Banderas movie, And Starring Pancho Vanilla As Himself. 10 years down the line?: Well Judi Dench can’t continue forever as M. What about that? And what about a return to the Gold Blend couple? Where are they now? Head’s career post-Buffy really depends on whether Joss Whedon can ever be arsed to get Ripper off the ground. If so, that could run, and run, and run.

Charisma Carpenter: A small part in the no-brainer of a comedy called The Groomsmen was Carpenter’s only outside role during her time on Buffy/Angel, but now she’s flown the Angel nest, she’s secured her first lead, as a daydreaming New York City girl in the comedy drama See Jane Date. 10 years down the line?: Can Charisma Carpenter prove to the world there’s more to her than superficial self-preening? Or is life handing out prizes on a tacky afternoon game show beckoning? It would hurt so much if Cordelia’s career eclipsed Charisma’s.

Alyson Hannigan: Like Sarah Michelle Gellar, Alyson Hannigan has become stuck in franchise hell. Career-wise, it’s okay to have you name attached to one series, but two?! 10 years down the line?: Is there any serious hope for an actress mainly known for shoving a flute up her holiest of holies? We can hope, and saying no to American Pie 4 would be a move in the right direction.

David Boreanaz: The dark hunk’s much-vaunted break into feature films, 2001’s Valentine didn’t make an impression (hands up who’s seen it?), but can a lead role in the new Crow film show the world there’s more to David Boreanaz than nocturnal goth dramas? Erm... 10 years down the line?: It’s a tough call. Either he could become a big name in Direct-To-Video thrilers, a la Michael Biehn or, if he’s lucky, he could, like David Hasslehoff, stumble across another series that could cement him as a top telly star. At the moment, the jury’s out.

Sarah Michelle Gellar: Typecasting can be a right bastard. But when you’ve got a role that requires you to do comedy, heavy drama and action, then that’s your CV on public display. "Give the girl an Emmy!" we all cried, sensing we had another Meryl Streep in our midst. So what does she go and do? Scooby bleedin’ Doo! Apart from the inevitable and desperately unwanted sequel, she’s got the lead role in next year’s Romantic Comedy as the object of affection of a guy who woos the ladies by nicking romantic ideas from famous films. 10 years down the line?: Scooby-Doo VIII most likely. But if she’s got any sense, a few less gigs with hubby Freddie Prinze Jnr might be in order, and hooking up with, say, Steve Buscemi could see her become an indie queen. Anything else would be a waste of her talents.

James Marsters: Big he may be in Buffy fandom, but James Marsters is still unknown to the wider world. A small part in the House On Hanuted Hill remake was his big movie moment, and with his move to Angel, he’s not rid himself of the bleach just yet. 10 years down the line?: Well, presuming that Joss Whedon doesn’t milk his cow any drier by spinning off Spike once Angel puffs into the ether, it’s likely that Hollywood may have woken up to our favourite bleached blond Limey vampire. It’s not too hard to imagine Marsters in any Bradd Pitt or Ben Affleck role. Place your bets on Marsters. This boy will go far.

Amber Benson: During and around Buffy, Amber Benson did a fair bit of stuff. Hollywood, Pennsylvania, The Prime Gig with Vince Vaughn, Taboo with Nick Stahl, not to mention the film that she wrote and directed, 2001’s Chance. Since then she’s written an internet drama, several Buffy spin-off comics, and filmed the indie comedy Latter Days. 10 years down the line?: One thing is for sure that in 10 years time Amber Benson will still be around. As writer, director or quirky, Sundance-friendly actress, there’s no way she’ll slip away and be rediscovered working as a dentist’s assistant in Idaho.

Michelle Trachtenberg: Still only 18 (bless), Buffy’s youngst cast member had a pretty impressive career before Buffy. She’s got a cool, business-like head and has already started filming a new DreamWorks film with Smallville’s Kristen Kreuk and the Warrior Princess herself, Lucy Lawless, called The Ugly Americans. 10 years down the line?: Trachtenberg is an avowed indie loyalist and might well go that route of finding interesting and challenging movie roles. Unless, that it, Joss comes a-calling in a few years when, having fallen on hard times, he asks her to sign up for Dawn The Vampire Slayer. It could easily happen.