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J. August Richards - Canadian SFX Science Fiction Expo (Toronto)

By Bertha Blue

Wednesday 27 August 2003, by Webmaster

JAR was in Toronto for the a Sci-fi/comic convention. Just to start off with, oh, my god. He’s is so hot, and gorgeous and unbelievably funny, sweet, down to earth and unbelievably accommodating to his fans. And he looked so good. He was wearing these faded, tight blue jeans and a black shirt, buttoned down to his chest with a beautiful silver cross (don’t worry, I got pictures). And please forgive me if I forget some things or don’t get it exactly what they said. I don’t have the best memory in the world.

He was here in my hometown of Toronto for a sci-fi/comic book convention. Let me tell you it was the most expensive day and badly organized thing I have ever been too. But I don’t care it was worth every penny. I was talking to the guy who was selling his pictures for an autograph and he said that there was this meet and greet the night before at a restaurant and JAR wouldn’t leave he was having such a good time. I asked him if he was nice and he described him as a "peach." Just how cute was that?

Anyways, there was this Q&A session with him and he comes out all smiles and waving and then he so trips on the stairs. LOL! I swear he was blushing (AWWW). He said boy - was that embarrassing. But then he gave this little story about how DB is the CLUMSIEST person on television. If their is a chair, he breaks it. He mentioned how he almost killed himself one day because he was suppose to exit through these french doors (wonder what episode that was), was leaning too far in and almost fell right out the window. Apparently, a bunch of people grabbed him before he fell out the window.

He started to talk into the microphone - decided that it was too formal and decided to do without the microphone and sat down (another cute moment).

He talked a little about how he got into acting. Said he had seen some movie being filmed in his neigbourhood (sorry, can’t remember which one) and that from then on he wanted to be an actor and only applied to one school (UCLA) but didn’t tell his mom because she would get mad that he didn’t apply elsewhere. But lucky for him he got in.

There was this kid who like only 13 at the most, and he would put anybody to shame with his knowledge of ATS. He knew episode numbers, titles, everything. He even mentioned to JAR that WITH had been nominated for a Hugo and JAR asked what’s a Hugo and the kid told him. He also asked a really insightful question about Gunn and the signifigance of the panther in the white room and JAR said that alot of that would be revealed in the first episode but would we would learn more stuff later on about that. Also he said that this would cause alot of friction in the group as they don’t really trust him at this point.

Oh and he and Fred are just friends now. The F/G ship is done. But he was wondering if anybody else had noticed that he had turned into a manhoe because Gunn’s character is like flirting or attracted to all the new cast members. LOL! He also mentioned that sometimes he goes online so he can find out what is happening to his character (seems to me we know more stuff than the actors do).

A fan asked him about possible bloopers this season and he said that he was filming this fight scene outside Dodgers stadium and Guns and Roses was playing there and he is suppose to be all serious and he starts wailing and singing "Welcome To the Jungle." It was way funny seeing him immitate that.

Another fan asked him what he thought about the lack of a "female" presence on the show and he said that we got AA, but we also got Mercedes and Eve (the way he was talking about her was that she wasn’t a regular cast member (yet) so there would be alot of female guest stars coming up that would be "potential" love interests for the guys to balance it out.

Somebody mentioned how they would like Gwen to come back as she was "hot" and that they had this amazing chemistry in "Players." JAR had nothing but nice things to say about Alexa in that she was a wonderful actress, a very nice person and good friend but that she was filming a movie and wouldn’t be available for ATS this year. He also mentioned in that episode that he did 99% of the stunts, including most of the ninga fight sequence and that they stunt co-ordinator did such a great job you couldn’t tell where JAR ended and where the stunt guy ended.

Another person asked what was it like on the first day on set without CC. And he said it was really wierd, because CC was like his support when he first started the show and made him feel welcome to the set. He and the rest of the cast were talking about how DB was the only original cast member from the beginning of ATS (somebody was kind enough to point out that he had been there in the first episode of BTVS and JAR didn’t know that and that was a long time).

Just to mention, it was a very pro-BTVS crowd IMO. Plus, hardly anybody liked the new Cordy so keep that in mind.

Somebody asked if BTVS characters would be coming on this year. AH/Willow is DEFINATELY coming for one episode. And apparently, a bunch of others have already been confirmed (he wouldn’t mention who).

He got asked if he would ever be interested in playing a comic book character and he said DEFINATLEY not because as far as he was concerned there was not one good comic book adaptation that had been made into a movie yet and the idea was "tired."

Oh, and DB will NOT be directing an episode this season as he is going to be in every scene and can’t do it because of time restrictions (can’t tell you what a downer it was for me to hear that).

Then it was my turn to ask him some questions. The first one I asked was he thinking about doing any projects post-ATS. And he said that yes, he would very much like to do a play. He said he use to do one every year but because of his schedule for ATS he couldn’t. I also asked him if there was any stress or tension about the fact that the WB renewed them at the last minute, plus the fact that with all the changes that JW called it "a brand new show" and how he felt about that.

He basically said that he knew that ATS was going to get renewed. As to the changes and the possibility of a sixth season, he said he wasn’t sure, but that it was the nature of the business. He also brought up the fact that he thought that the nature of the business had changed, that it had become very aritificial and a business rather than a place where someone could express their artisitic side.

He did mention that he was looking forward to the new season, that it was going to be "blast" for the fans. He also mentioned that Gunn would be getting a new look with business suits and the like. JAR seemed very happy about that.

I mentioned a bought him a present. It was a red Canadian t-shirt that I brought up to him and he thanked me, saying red was his favourite colour and that he loved t-shirts. He then bent down and hugged me! Damm that was like one of the best moments of my life. Can I just say again how gorgeous he is? And he smelled nice too.

ETA - JAR’s favourite comic book is X-Men