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James Gunn hates Malcom Reynolds ?

Sunday 20 August 2006, by Webmaster

Ha ha ha.

All right you crazy Whedonesque-reading browncoat monkeys, I come upstairs to check my email before going to sleep and I have 80 billion fucking messages asking me why Mal Reynolds isn’t on my 25 favorite TV characters list : THE LIST

The reason is simple: I hate Malcolm Reynolds.

Well, no. The real truth is there’s enough nepotism in my list with my wife and brother on it, I thought I’d limit my Joss connection to one character. And that character is Buffy, who carried her TV show through many seasons. Nathan will probably have my ass next time he sees me (which he’s always trying to get anyway), but that’s that. Sorry. I masturbate nightly to that picture of Mal’s naked butt. That’s a better compliment than being on any damn list, don’t you think?

The other question I got is, "Why are all the characters from the last few years?"

That’s an easier question to answer: TV is better now than it ever has been before. Film was better in the ’70’s, but TV is at its prime right now (or at least starting with Larry Sanders and Buffy), and with HBO and great creators like Joss Whedon, J.J. Abrams, Ricky Gervais, and so forth, you have shows that have characters with a depth that wasn’t previously possible. And if you’re on Deadwood you can say "cunt." That always helps.

Also, I have a short memory. I can’t remember a single character on GREEN ACRES for the life of me.

Keep the mail comin’. I may not answer you, but I assure you I’m reading all of it.