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James Marsters

James Marsters, Englund and Bradley in ’Urbane’ ?

Thursday 24 March 2005, by Webmaster

His future mightn’t be so bright that, well, he’s got to wear shades, but former "Angel" star James Marsters might be able to convince us he’s more than plastic-fangs and leather after all.

The always entertaining Marsters - one of the "Buffy" world’s finest assetts, I’ve gotta say - looks set to star with horror icons Robert Englund and Doug Bradley in the upcoming horror film, "Urbane", says DarkFocus.com.

To be directed by Frazer Lee, "Urbane" tells of a naive medical student named Lili who, upon digging deeper into the reasons why her roomate killed herself, is thrust into a horrifying nightmare where she is forced to confront the evil night demons, the incubus and succubus.

Bradley, best known for his role as Pinhead in the unremitting "Hellraiser" series, will play sophisticate Richard Germaine, owner of the exotic Gemini Club. Englund, of "A Nightmare on Elm Street" fame, is in talks to play Professor Fredericksen, and Stephanie Leonidas, from "MirrorMask", is in talks to play the lead role of Lili.

More on this as it comes to hand.

UPDATE : More has come to hand ironically. James Marsters’ manager says the actor isn’t involved in the film, it’s mere wishful thinking on behalf of the director.