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Serenity Screening - A Spoiler Free Review By Slaychic

By Slaychic

Thursday 24 March 2005, by Webmaster

I’m going to have to retrain myself as i write this interview. Not restraining in terms of spoilers but to stop myself typing "oh my god" every two seconds. Maybe that should be "oh my Joss" because he truly is GOD. Not just capital G, but capitalize the whole frigging word.

Serenity is, in as few and shallow words as i can put it, one HELL of a movie. I cried, and i cried and i cried. I laughed and i laughed and i lughed. I sat in shock, i went through every single emotion i know of.

Watching Serenity it was obvious that it was Joss’ baby. He didn’t have a network breathing down his back, telling him what to do, he was let to run free. (Huh funny mental image.) The characters are Joss’ own and as well written as all the of the Firefly episodes put together. Joss did not fail to deliver on that respect. And even though the main cast is so huge, it in no way felt like that.

Shell shocked was how i was after seeing the movie. The front two rows of the screen were saved for the fans. Five minutes after the end of the movie, when everyone else had left, we fans were still occupying those front two rows.

When the movie began i couldn’t quite believe that i was watching Serenity, the Firefly movie. My jaw was dropped and remained that way through the entire thing.


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  • reading something like this makes me smile from ear to ear. For in 13 days, I will be one of those lucky few who has a chance to see an advance screening. Had to stake out the fandango, movietickets, and browncoat websites for over 13 hours straight. But I know it’ll be worth it.