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James Marsters "Getting the Most Buzz" for ANGEL TV Movie

By Kristin Veitch

Saturday 21 August 2004, by Webmaster

That’s the latest word, plus news on the possibility that Charisma Carpenter may become a Charmed regular.

Rooty Tooty Spike and Fruity: Angel fans, you never cease to amaze me. Though the show is long gone, and we have nothing left but our anger at the WB to cling to, you’ve still managed to turn it around and do something positive. (Omarosa could learn a thing or two from you.)

This week, I received my very first fruit basket from the fruitcakes (I say that lovingly) at Support Spike, along with a 12-inch-tall collectible doll that is making this a one-handed column as we speak—I cannot bear to release my kung-fu grip on wittle Spikey.

The fan publicity kits were sent to the WB, Mutant Enemy (Joss Whedon’s production company), Fox Studios and a few press types like moi. Their mission: stir up support for a Spike-centered event movie or spinoff series.

And I have only one word to say about that—Please?

Now, the good news. According to sources at the Frog net, WB boss Garth Ancier is still pushing for the WB to do at least one Angel TV movie this season, possibly a few, focusing on individual characters. Since David Boreanaz is not expected to sign on, I’m told James Marsters (Spike) is getting "the most buzz."

More yumminess, though it’s hardly an Angel movie, we fans may have another reason to tune into the WB this fall. A rep at the network confirmed that Angel expat Charisma Carpenter (Cordelia) is indeed guesting on Charmed in the third and fifth episodes of the season, airing Sept. 26 and Oct. 10. She’s filming right now, and I’m hoping to speak with her to get the full scoop. For now I can tell you she’s playing a demonic seer (no connection to her role on Angel).

According to the rep at the WB, there’s a possibility Charisma could end up as a regular, but for now, it’s just a guest appearance.

10 Forum messages

  • Yay about the movie.

    But Charmed with charisma in it?, Charmed is the show that should have been axed it is awful in comparison to Angel, I for one will not watch Charmed, To now try and catch Angel audience by putting Charisma in it is, well.... an insult.

  • Soule... I know where you’re coming from. I watched Charmed for a while and the quality of the show, in comparison to Mutant Enemy’s programming, is awful. Comparable to Smallville, even.

    But I’m a die-hard Charisma fan, so I’ve decided I’m going to suffer through it to support her work. I really do hope she gets a regular role... I was really bummed when her sitcom didn’t pan out.

  • Spike movie...woohoo! I agree the Charmed is a bad show but I might just watch the C.C. epi. Smallville is no Buffy/Angel/Firefly but I do like it. Michael Rosenbaum plays Lex VERY well and John Schneider is a believable Jonathan Kent.
  • I disagree about charmed being a bad show and I think it’s quite good, but could no way compete with angel. I was over the moon when I found out charisma carpenter was guesting in it, since I love Cordy.
  • you know, i’d love to see the movies be made, but i’d also much rather have the whole (or most of the) cast involved, with the focus on one character at a time, rather than one character going solo, which is how it’s sounding at the moment.
  • I agree with Sinn. The WB have been real jerks. and also with Soule. I mean completely love Charisma and respect all of her decisions. but the WB seems to be trying to get their angel fan base to come back and bringing back a long time favored character from Angel and setting them in another series of there’s is One way for them to try and do it.
  • i too agree, the wb and charmed creators are lame as ever. i tried watching charmed season one and couldnt get through it, in no way can i take it seriously. but i will watch the cc eps cause...hm that’s interesting. i guess i wanna see how she fares. she was good in you’re welcome, but no so much prior to that.
  • spike wasn’t killed off in Angel...what are you on about?!
  • > James Marsters "Getting the Most Buzz" for ANGEL TV Movie

    23 August 2004 14:36, by Die-Hard-Angelfan
    I guess he/she meant because of the end of ANGEL. Everybody (with no imagination) thinks, they all died there. Pff, talk about "Fans" of a show, where they ALWAYS managed to get out of everything "alive". Well, as alive as a vampire can be, lol.
  • I will be happy to watch a Spike movie, and I’ll watch Charmed for CC. I can’t help wishing, though, that JM and CC were as career savvy as SMG. I guess they know what they want and "will do as they do do and there’s no doing anything about it." They would have been great in movies in the thirties. Or forties. Or - name an era. In fact now would be really good. Stupid show business.