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James Marsters ’Liquid News’ interview transcript

Saturday 28 June 2003, by Webmaster

As I seem to be the only UK mts-er not going to The Harvest, I guess it falls to me to report on James’ interview on Liquid News.

James seemed relaxed and happy, and was looking very fit and tanned. He was wearing a black t-shirt, some kind of dark denim jacket and jeans that were about to disintegrate.

There were three sections with James spread throughout the programme. I scribbled down some of the more interesting bits (thank goodness for the Sky+ bookmark facility). It’s not a complete word-for-word transcript, but it will give you the gist.

The programme started with a report from Tokyo on Posh and Becks arrival. I can’t stand them so I kept the mute on during this part, but the female LN presenter was obviously sickened by the spectacle, and asked James what he thought.

JM: An absolute feeding frenzy. A lot of people making an awful lot of money.

LN: Don’t you think it’s obscene to want that much money?

JM: Uh, no. I’m an American, so no that’s honourable, in America that’s honour.

LN: (this was not a non-sequiter!): What embarressing adverts have you done?

JM: When I was an unemployed actor I used to try to get commercials and I just could never do it, there was just something in the back of my mind that said no.

LN: So you couldn’t bring yourself to do it?

JM: Yeah, even though I was starving to death, even though I needed the money, I couldn’t do it well so I never got cast.

[They showed a clip from Lovers Walk which ended with Buffy throwing him across the table in her house. This prompted a list of the injuries he’d sustained during filming. During the following bit they were playing Valerie in the background]

LN: You must have been very proud to have been a part [of Buffy]

JM: Oh God yeah, The luckiest actor I know.

LN: And gutted when it finished?

JM: No, we all kind of knew it was going to be over. We all knew Sarah had had enough slaying for a while.

LN: So it was her decision to end it?

JM: Yes. I think we had at least 2 more good years, the writers were very very good

LN: So was there a lot of ill feeling around when she decided to quit?

JM: No, no. She put 7 good years in, it was a hard job, definitely

LN: Are you going to be in the next season of Angel?

JM: Yeah

LN: Is it a permanent thing, or a brief encounter?

JM: No, it’s permanent. Yeah, I’m going to make life very very rough for Angel

LN: But you died!

JM: Yeah, but see in Sunnydale that doesn’t mean anything. There’s going to be a gem or an orb or some kind of spell, and we just get right past that and on with the story

LN: Have you been in the UK for long?

JM: Two weeks

LN: Too long?

JM: No, no, we’re having a great time

LN: Where’s the fan base [for GotR] - is it Buffy related or band related?

JM: Last night and the night before it was 60% guys. We like girls, girls are good, but if it’s all girls it’s probably coming from Buffy but if the guys show up it means the music is coming through.