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James Marsters

James Marsters - "Smallville" - Canadian National Comic Book Expo - Spoilers

Saturday 27 August 2005, by Webmaster


James Marsters, formerly Spike of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel, said he is enjoying the clarity of Professor Fine/Brainiac, who he is playing in the upcoming season of The WB’s Smallville.

"The thing I really love about this role, is that I have a very clear objective," Marsters said. "I know my objective from the very beginning and it’s going to carry me through the whole season.

"That was the problem with Spike. In all honesty, that character had no objective 90 percent of the time. (laughs). I would have to make it up. (In Spike accent) ’I’ve come in to kill Xander again, but I’ve changed my mind.’

"To find your objective is like a gas pedal for acting. And if you can find that objective and play it honestly, it’s like ’Wham!’ And if you can’t find it, you’re mired. I’m really happy about an objective the audience suspects and the other characters don’t know. It’s the hidden agenda of a zealot — and it’s really interesting."

Marsters was addressing a "V.I.P." paid crowd of about 125 — nearly all female — at the Canadian National Comic Book Expo in Toronto on Friday. Before answering questions, he performed about a dozen songs.

Marsters said he has done scenes with Michael Rosenbaum’s Lex Luthor and Tom Welling’s Clark Kent for the upcoming fifth season.

"Boy, I get to mess with Lex Luthor," Marsters said. "I remember on Buffy, whenever they wanted a new character to look cool, they would come and beat on Spike. Because if he got one over on Spike, he must be very cool. There were times I was just like, ’Here we go again. Beat up on Spike.’

"And that’s kind of happening for Mike. He’s having to undergo getting topped. Not because of acting, just because of what the words are. The script is designed for my character to top him. I’ve done two scenes with him, and he’s kind of getting irritated (laughs).

"It’s got nothing to do with chops. It’s just the way the producers want this thing to roll. I’ve got to say, he’s great. I’ve never know what’s going to happen when I look into that guy’s eyes. Wow!"

As for Welling, Marsters said: "Tom is really cool. If any of you have crushes on Tom Welling, go right ahead. He’s more intelligent than you might think. We don’t want to believe that really beautiful people have intelligence, but sometimes, they do. Tom’s one of them. He’s very funny, very intelligent."

Asked if he would make Season 5 of Smallville better than Season 4, Marsters joked he had to answer that question carefully or face the wrath of the set on Monday.

"Every new actor on a show hopes that their contributions will make the show better," he said. "And I am fully expecting that to happen, as every actor does."

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  • Whoop! James and Mick in the same scene... I can’t wait!
  • To Anomymous: Shut the fuck up and go somewhere else!!! I’m so fed up with you "Anonymous" posters who just bring bad attitudes on this board and keep bad-mouthing the actors/actresses presented here. I’m always for speaking one’s mind - free speech and all - but you just keep posting stupid and disrespectful things about hard-working people which they don’t deserve. I don’t support all actors on these shows but out of respect for them and their fans I refrain from making hateful comments. I say "I don’t like him/her + work/person" but anything else is just immature bashing! For that: write a diary.

    As for James being on ’Smallville’, I don’t like the show and I’m going to watch only the eps he’ll be in but for the fans of the show - I hope you’ll come to enjoy his work as much as I do and see him as a win for the show, I’m sure he’s doing the best he can to fit in with the rest of the cast and give you something you’ll like. He’s an actor - he’s doing his job (which he obviously truly loves!) and he’ll be great! Thanks for reading.