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James Marsters

James Marsters - "Smallville" Tv Series - 5x08 "Solitude" - Spoilers

Sunday 13 November 2005, by Webmaster


Annette O’Toole just can’t get away from the occupational hazards of playing Superman’s mom in "Smallville." In the Nov. 17 episode, Superman’s latest nemesis, Brainiac (James Marsters) goes after Martha Kent (O’Toole), leaving her with only hours to live. "I get hit by a lightning bolt out of the sky and get this kind of flesh-eating disease," reports O’Toole. "The worst part of it was sitting in the makeup chair while they put this stuff called pus on me. It’s this flesh-colored Elmer’s glue, then they put this stuff that’s kind of like green and gray flocking that makes your skin look like it’s decaying."
Fortunately, says O’Toole, the makeup only had to be applied to "one arm and my hand, my neck and a little bit up into my face. Thank God they arrested the disease before it got all over my face!" Things do get pretty dire before show’s end, however. "I have a really nice kind of death bed scene with Clark (Tom Welling)." Not to worry, though, she says. "It’s Smallville, eventually, I’ll be recovered. We always get saved."