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Jane Espenson - At The Bronze Beta

Saturday 15 February 2003, by Webmaster

Jane Espenson says: (Tue Feb 11 21:04:19 2003) [Edit/Delete]


I think this is how you do spoilers, right?

Xander wasn’t tied up over the seal yet when he texted Willow! Because *obviously* he can’t text her *after* he’s tied, so, clearly, he must have done it *after* she betrayed her intent, and *before* he was tied! Ergo... I would imagine that our observant viewers will realize that there must have been an appropriate moemnt — for example, he regained consciousness in the back of her car and realized he was in trouble!!!.

Jane Espenson says: (Tue Feb 11 21:06:16 2003) [Edit/Delete]

Spoiler alert:

Sunburst can eat me.

Comment :Beefs aside, (what was it, 5?) a really, really great episode. Maybe it’s just me but (FD thoughts and feelings) all my beefs from early on in the show seemed like Jane Espenson was trying to smooth out the wrinkles of those who came before her (except for the cell phone thing). This was the first one she’s written since CwDP right? Me likey a lot. V. twisty, very well written, good plot advancement! There was actual Scooby interaction, funny stuff! I was almost mad at Giles yeah, I know, god forbid, never thought that would happen when he was telling everyone to stop, but I understand that they had to convey that they had to get back to business. but overall... Bravo!!!Go Jane go!***

Jane Espenson says: (Tue Feb 11 21:10:13 2003) [Edit/Delete]

Oh. Sorry Sunburst. I take it back. [giggle — naughty me]

Jane Espenson says: (Tue Feb 11 21:33:14 2003) [Edit/Delete]

Okay. I’m calm now. Hello everyone! Hope you enjoy the eppy tonight — and, heads up — there’s another Espesode on it’s way to you in just a couple weeks!

abt — I certainly didn’t think Dawn’s paralysis would be upsetting to anyone. Fact is, on our show, people are injured and affected in various ways — Giles has been blind, Buffy has also been paralyzed, and Spike has a soul. These have all been played for comic effect, and none were intended to give offense. Especially in this case, since Dawn’s paralysis was clearly portrayed as the result of demon fingernails, not traumatic insult to the spinal column. If we were ever to give Dawn a permanent physical challenege, we would do it with sympathy, courage and realism. This however, was Gnarl-caused posable-ness, and I decided I’d rather make America laugh than squirm with concern. Because, you know, it’s funnier that way and I’m a comedy writer! Sincerely, I hope you weren’t too upset.


Comment: Jane Espenson I have nothing but utmost respect for the writers, but that little message to *Sunburst* in your second spoilerfonted post was pretty rude. She’s allowed to not like the episode. JMO.

Jane Espenson says: (Tue Feb 11 21:34:49 2003) [Edit/Delete]

Denise —My post to Sunburst was a joke — Doug Petrie promised me all the money in hiw wallet if I’d do it — then it turned out he only had $21. So I learned my lesson.

Comment/Question - Jane hey! Good to see you here! Did you already got to sign the DeKNight Groupie T-Shirt for the PBP? Oh and what’s the significance of the dancing monkey

Jane Espenson says: (Tue Feb 11 21:36:50 2003) [Edit/Delete]

Princess of Darkness — I don’t think that’s a dancing monkey — I think it’s supposed to be a picture of DeKnight — the confusion is understandable.

Jane Espenson says: (Tue Feb 11 21:39:04 2003) [Edit/Delete]

Okay... gotta run away now!

For those attending the PBP —I will see you there! In fact, I understand you can bid to have lunch with me! And if you don’t bid, I think they *force* you to have lunch with me!