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Jane Espenson - "Serenity Found" Book - She announces a promotional tour

Thursday 18 October 2007, by Webmaster

10/17/2007: The Importance of Self-Promotion

Did you know that authors rarely do book tours anymore? It’s true. Unless you’re a huge draw as a freestanding celebrity, those tours just don’t sell enough books to pay for the travel costs. So now there are internet tours, where you promote your book by "appearing on" various websites. Of course, this is all a way to announce my up-coming internet book tour to promote Serenity Found, the newest book edited by me, about Joss Whedon’s Firefly/Serenity universe.

So, for those of you who want to follow the tour, here is the schedule:

Oct. 19: FireflyTalk.com

A popular podcast about all things Firefly and Serenity, which was recently named Best Produced Podcast of the Year at Podcasting Expo. I will be interviewed on their two-year anniversary show.

Oct. 24: SerenityStuff.com

A blog devoted to Firefly and Serenity merchandise. I will be interviewed about the book.

Oct. 30: Arghink.com

Best-selling author Jennifer Crusie’s blog. I will be interviewed or appear as a guest blogger.

Nov. 7: SliceofSciFi.com

A popular site devoted to the Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror genres. I will be interviewed and they will give away a signed copy of the book.

Nov. 16: DragonPage.com

A podcast featuring interviews with the creators of the best in science fiction and fantasy. I will be interviewed and they will give away a signed copy of the book.

Nov. 22: signal.serenityfirefly.com

The Signal is a podcast devoted to all things Firefly/Serenity, winner of the 2007 Parsec Award in the category "Best Fan Podcast" and the 2006 People’s Choice Podcast Award winner in the categories "Movies and Films" and "Best Produced." I will be interviewed.

Nov 25: SpaceWesterns.com

An e-zine for the Space Western sub-genre. I will be celebrity judge for a Space Western limerick contest and they will be giving away a signed copy of the book as one of the prizes.

Nov. 28: USA Today - Pop Candy

Pop Candy is USA Today’s pop culture blog and one of the most popular entertainment blogs on the internet. I will be interviewed and Firefly/Serenity lead actor Nathan Fillion’s essay from the book will be excerpted.

Dec. 4: trashionista.com

A site devoted to female fiction of all genres. I will be interviewed by author and Serenity Found contributor Shanna Swendson.

Dec. 9: SpaceWesterns.com

I will make a second appearance on SpaceWesterns.com to discuss the book.

Did you catch the important bit? Guest Judge in a Limerick Contest! Seriously, that makes me just about as happy as anything could.

So mark your calendars, Gentle Readers. If you can take that much more of me — there I’ll be!

Lunch: pasta eaten during stress — no memory of actual ingredients or flavors