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Jeph Loeb (buffy animated producer) - Comixfan.com Interview - Good News !!!!!

By Mitch Brown

Thursday 18 November 2004, by Webmaster


Superman/Batman #14By Z. Julian Cenac, ComiX-Fan Staff Writer

Superman/Batman is a monthly title, published by DC and written by Jeph Loeb that showcases comicdom’s most recognizable characters - Batman and Superman. Rising to the top of the comic book sales charts, it explores the intense relationship between the planet’s greatest superheroes.

Jeph Loeb - a fan-favourite writer responsible for the acclaimed Batman: The Long Halloween and Batman: Dark Victory, while also being a Supervising Producer on Smallville - has once again proven his extraordinary writing talents with Superman/Batman, bringing the renowned World’s Finest pairing into the 21st century.

Superman/Batman #14 begins a highly-anticipated new story arc titled “Absolute Power!” which sees the World’s Finest move towards taking control of Earth! What is that I hear you cry? You’re wondering how DC could let Batman and Superman create such a "new world order"? ComiX-Fan caught up with Jeph Loeb to have a little...chit-chat about what is going on.

CXF: It has been rumoured that you are working on Buffy: The Animated Series. Can you give us any information about this show?

JL: Like any great Buffy story, it had to die so it could be resurrected as something new and special. I can’t get into specifics, but Buffy fans everywhere will very soon have something to rejoice about. And everything you’ve heard about the show, if it didn’t come from either me or Joss is utter B.S. We’ve kept this so underwraps, the rest — even direct quotes — are just rumors and hearsay. It’s the real deal and it’ll be soon when we can be more specific.

Superman/Batman #15ComiX-Fan: What prompted you to take Superman/Batman in the direction of world domination and "ruling with an iron fist"?

Jeph Loeb: It won’t be apparent at first, but like with all the arcs in Superman/Batman there are elements of things we’ve planted that will bring about certain events. As with any story, I like getting the artist involved early on, to get his take, to get him excited and Carlos is no exception. We wanted to come up with a story that could best utilize his incredible talents and my hope is that "Absolute Power!" is going to blow people away with his work — it’s awesome!

CXF: Superman/Batman has had many fan-favourite guest stars so far, such as Wonder Woman. Will there be any more guest stars featuring in Superman/Batman? If so, who?

JL: Um... The better question is who ISN’T?! I can only say that Carlos set out to draw every character in the DCU and he nearly damn well did! And we’re talking guest stars from ALL kinds of time periods! It’s just amazing what he’s accomplished...

CXF: Will Kara Zor-El (Supergirl) be making occasional appearances in either Superman/Batman or other titles in the coming months?

JL: Without getting into specifics, Supergirl’s story is far, far from over — in fact, we’ve only introduced her. She’ll be around — and we think our readers - all DC readers will be happy with what we’ve got in mind for her in the coming months.

Catwoman: When In Rome #1CXF: I recently read Batman: Dark Victory. When you were writing Dark Victory, had you intended on writing Catwoman: When in Rome?

JL: Not specifically. There are threads from The Long Halloween saga that are in bits and pieces somewhere in my head, but it wasn’t specifically about this period with Selina and going to Rome that came up until Dad Didio asked if Tim and I wanted to revisit Catwoman. She’s a fantastic character, Tim loves drawing her and this story fit into a puzzle that we think our readers like. Personally, I think it’s his most spectacular work to date. He continues to delight me with his growth as an illustrator. The book is simply stunning — as is his Selina/Catwoman. She has a great voice; it’s funny, sexy, and dangerous all at the same time.

CXF: Bearing in mind the Long Halloween, Dark Victory and When in Rome, when will you and Tim Sale next be working together?

JL: Let’s get out of Rome first! But, of course, we have the next thing planned and it’s quite huge.

CXF: Are you at any liberty to reveal any information about what will be happening in Smallville in upcoming episodes ?

JL: Well, if I did, I’d get sent into the Phantom Zone which I think is a broom closet somewhere up in the ninth floor.

Superman/Batman #16CXF: Finally, how long do you intend on writing Superman/Batman?

JL: I had always plan to leave after #25. After that, there are a few things that I believe will make the fans very happy — I know that I’M having a ball!

CXF: Thank you for your time, Jeph. Keep up the great work. I must dash - Smallville is on (genuinely!).

JL: Thank you for the time! I’m a huge fan of the site and the support you give me and the books!

Superman/Batman #14 debuts this month from DC Comics.