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Jewel Staite discusses the latest preview screenings & comic covers

Wednesday 1 June 2005, by Webmaster

31 May 2005

Ahhh June.... My favorite month. It’s warm, it’s my birthday, the beach is packed, it’s not too hot, it’s my birthday, all the summer clothes are finally out in the stores, the barbeque is getting good use, and it’s also my birthday! The big 2-3 this year. Almost time to start acting responsibly, but not quite. I’ve managed to stretch the bday into two days this year: a lovely dinner out with my family and bestest friends on the Thursday, and an all-nighter party-hardy on the Saturday (yes, bought new dress-it’s cashmere and green-HOTNESS). Hopefully the weather will hold up and it’ll be fantastic. Even if it doesn’t, champagne is also nice to drink indoors as well.

We just did another batch of screenings for "Serenity", as some of you know, and my city was Denver, which is an awesome place. Very friendly people, beautiful mountains, etc. Wish we had more time to bomb around when we were there, but we were literally in town for 24 hours or something. Anyway, the response from the audience was fabulous and warm and intelligent and dedicated... my favorite words to describe any Serenity-seeing audience.... so it went off without a hitch. I realize that some of you are getting a wee bit nervous that we’re doing too many of these things. But here’s some points to consider: money spent on tickets to these screenings will be included in our first weekend’s box office gross, or so I hear from the Powers That Be... which is cool. Also, the movie’s not finished yet! This is just a preliminary version. There will be some changes. Not a lot, but some. I’m hoping these audiences are interested in seeing the changes, or just really liked the movie the first time around and want to see it again. So never fear. The people at Universal are professionals, man! They know what they’re doing! You can trust them! Okay? Okay.

Also, the comic books are going to be coming out soon. I saw that our comic likenesses have been already posted online, and most of you are as excited about them as we are. I am so psyched about these drawings. I think Mal looks absolutely friggin fantastic, so does Wash, so does River, so does Book (his eyes are just so perfect)... I could go on. I really like mine too, even though people are going off about how skinny Kaylee looks. AGAIN. People, seriously. Stop saying I’m too THIN!!! Whether you’re talking about the illustration, or the real me... this is the way I am, naturally. I am really, really hoping that Kaylee is Kaylee, regardless of weight. And for all of you naturally skinny people out there, being petite is just as sexy as "meat on the bones". If that’s the way you look no matter what you eat, then so be it. You know what they say: closer to the bone, sweeter is the meat! ha ha. That’s kind of gross. Sorry. Anyway, being you is best. As long as you feel good and you’re healthy and happy and satisfied, then it’s all good.

Enough for now. Have fun.