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Jewel Staite’s Blog Updated

Friday 23 July 2004, by cally

23 July 2004

We are officially "more than half way" to finishing "Serenity". It’s unbelievable that time is flying by this fast. And it’s even more unbelievable that I still don’t know my way around the Universal lot. I know where the Starbucks is, though. And I know exactly how much time it takes to get from my house to the front door of my trailer in the morning. I’ve timed this so I can sleep in as much as possible, which is kind of sad and stupid, because another eight minutes of sleep really doesn’t make any kind of difference at all.

But you know what does? Snapple. I put a little bug in somebody’s ear that I loved me an ice-cold lemon iced tea Snapple every once in a while, and someone planted two cases of the stuff in my trailer. So now I have an addiction. I have to drink all of it before the shoot is over, or all of those lovely little Snapple’s will go to waste.

The dailies have been looking great so far. Every lunch hour, the crew and the cast (the ones that can stand to watch themselves on screen, that is) scurry into the viewing theatre next to our stage to see what kind of magic we’ve created the day before. They have lunch there for us, so we pile our plates in a hurry, and then settle into our seats to watch the footage. Problem is, once the lights go out, it is BLACK in there, and you can’t see what kind of forkful you’re getting, so it’s always a surprise what lands in your mouth. I ate my butter packet yesterday, a nice big mouthful of foil and lard. So now I inhale my food before the lights go down and then suffer through indigestion for the rest of the lunch hour. Good times!

This Sunday is ComiCon, which we’re all very excited about. Universal is flying us out there bright and early, and we’re spending the day doing a panel and an autograph session. We’ve never done anything as a whole and complete cast convention- wise, so it’ll be very cool. I’ve also confirmed my attendance at DragonCon during labor day weekend. Matty’s birthday is September 4th, so his birthday party will have to be postponed until we come back. We’ve never been to Georgia, so we’re pretty excited.

People on the Firefly/Serenity message boards are still chattering about my weight. I don’t look skinnier. Just older. Because I am. And since I’m in my twenties, it’s hard for me to keep weight on. I feel happy though, and healthy. When I’m hungry I eat, and when I’m full I stop. It’s a perfect existance. The only times I go overboard is if there are cheeseburgers around, and the only times I go under-board is when there’s corn or Thai food around. I hate corn and I hate Thai food. Hate. Passionately. But no, they’re not adding weight to me in CGI, and no, Joss isn’t force-feeding me every day at the craft service table. Kaylee will look like Jewel (unfortunately? fortunately?) because that’s who’s playing her. Thank God.

PS I saw I, Robot with Mr. Tudyk himself the other day and LOOOVED it. Yay, Alan!


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  • > Jewel Staite’s Blog Updated

    24 July 2004 05:31, by destinychronicles.net
    god she is so hot... her website is cool.. can’t wait for the movie.
  • > Jewel Staite’s Blog Updated

    24 July 2004 09:02, by FortysevenBTEG

    You know I’m really gonna miss her commentary once this is all over. These are quite a bit fun to read.

    Maybe we should pitch in and give her a LiveJournal account? :D