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Jewel Staite’s Update About Serenity On Fireflyfans.net

By Jewel Staite

Monday 12 July 2004, by Webmaster

Saturday, July 10, 2004 15:53

rambling from Jewel


Hello to the faithfuls:

Just an update, since you’ve asked. Or maybe you haven’t actually asked, but I’m giving you one anyway. Just completed another week on the "BDM" at our home-away-from-home, Universal. We were doing some special effects-type shots and stunt work, which takes a loooong time to complete and requires little acting. So we did a lot of laughing instead. Nathan was his usual crazy self, doing his "old material" as he likes to call it... but somehow it never stops being funny. It’s always great to work as a group, and have everyone there. Just like old times, right?

We’ve heard a little rumor that there will be some browncoats joining us come Monday. We will be filming our "Beaumonde" stuff, which takes place right in front of our cargo bay. If I don’t get a chance to meet everyone, I’ll welcome you now and say that our set is one of the friendliest, happiest sets around. And no, I’m not giving you baloney— we are still having fun and still loving every minute of it.

As for me personally, I’m taking my weekend to relax, see some movies with my hubby, and go to a party at Nathan’s this evening. (see? we really do hang out together when we’re not working!) I seem to have used too much self-tanner this morning and I look like I’ve been rolling around in dirt, but alas, these problems can be solved. For anyone requiring additional personal information (I won’t put you through it involuntarily), you can visit http://jewelstaite.net where I’ve been trying to write letters at least bi-weekly. A dear friend named Roger runs that site, and he posts my silly and sometimes meaningless comments about my life and my life on Serenity in a "dear roj" column. Again, it can be boring, so don’t read it unless you have nothing else to do. But I’m alternating between posting here, there, and at the "green" firefly site, just in case you need more news on the good ol BDM!!

You guys are awesome, awesome, and awesome. I love reading all of your (sometimes hilarious) posts and I can’t WAIT for you guys to check out this movie!! It is going to rule the ’verse!

Love, me.