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Jewel State (kaylee) - New Message About Universal Studios And Joss Whedon

Saturday 10 July 2004, by Webmaster

Hi Roj

My two weeks of time off are over and I’m back to working twelve-plus hours a day. Still not complaining though. Every time I get to see some of our footage of the stuff we’ve already shot, I’m even more excited to come to work again the next day.

Filming on Universal is a real trip. My dressing room is really close to the Jurassic Park ride, so every four minutes or so, this song comes on to signify the end of the ride. The Jurassic Park theme song. I thought it was really cool for, like, the first eight times, and now I’m humming it in my sleep. The trams go right by my dressing room too, which is surreal. I leave my door open when I’m inside to get fresh air going through, and I’ll look up and have tourists peering in at me like I’m some kind of lion at the zoo. And if I have sunglasses on, they’ll take pictures. They don’t even care to know who I am... they just think that if I’m wearing shades, I must be somebody. It’s pretty hilarious. When I’m really bored, I wave at them like I’m the queen. They get really confused when you wave.

So many things are filming at Universal along with us. I wish I could go around and peek inside everyone’s sound stages just to see what’s happening. I’m pretty convinced that our sound stages are the coolest, especially "legendary" Stage 12 (don’t ask my why it’s legendary... I have no idea what’s filmed there, but everyone uses the word "legendary" before they say Stage 12). Our whole ship is built in there. The whole first level-cargo bay, infirmary, bunks, etc. and the second level-engine room, aft deck, dining room, foredeck, and the bridge. I can’t tell you how overwhelmed I was when I first walked on to that set, all lit up. It’s like no time has passed. Well, the ship’s gotten a little bit of a make over, but nothing too major-just a few special details added here and there. It all looks so great.

Today we were filming some special effects stuff, which always takes for-EVER. We had a lot of time on our hands, so we were all joking about how it would be funny if it was "Serenity: the Musical". We were all trying to determine who sang and who didn’t. They call me the "closet singer" because I never, ever sing in hearing range of anyone. Joss was like, pointing a finger at me, "I know YOU sing, because I read it on your web site!!" I was like, "huh?" Joss reads my web sites? Is that weird? I guess if I read his, it’s not. And I do sometimes. Just to see what he says about me. Ha ha. I’m joking. Well, not really.

Anyway, I’m back to work tomorrow. More special effects stuff. More Jurassic Park theme song. But life is good. Every day on this movie, I’m looking around really realizing that.

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