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Jonathan Woodward and Sonny Rhodes to be on the Browncoat Cruise

Sunday 21 October 2007, by Webmaster

Hi Everyone,

In the spirit of never say never, we have some truly wonderful news. Guess who’s joining us? That would be Mr. Jonathan Woodward who played Tracey on the Firefly episode "The Message" and also appeared in Buffy and Angel! Jonathan gave me a call this morning and is excited to be partying with us on the high-seas. We welcome him and his unique brand of fun. Thanks Jonathan!

But he isn’t alone. The illustrious blues musician Sonny Rhodes, who performed the Firefly theme song, is joining us for his very first Firefly fan event. Sonny, who never alters an event, rescheduled a concert so he could be part of our experience, meet the Browncoats and perform for us.

We have verbal committments and are finalzing the contracts with them this week.

So if you have a friend who was looking for another reason to join us, and wants to help us get back into the black, remember we have a handful of cabins available that we expect to go fast. Please contact us immediately if you are interested in joining our newly improved cruise.

Since we are a bit in the red, we are still accepting donations to help cover the costs of these new guests. Thanks! Smile


Browncoat Cruise