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Joss Whedon

Joss Whedon - Ain’t It Cool confirms Ratner as X3 director - Spoilers

Monday 6 June 2005, by Webmaster

Shock! Gasp! Ratner is aboard to direct X-MEN 3! Aren’t you just thrilled? Doesn’t this fill you with glee & joy? Hey folks, Harry here... Moriarty and I knew when we got multiple confirmations that Ratner was the lead candidate to replace Matthew Vaughn as the director of X-MEN 3 that you folks would be upset. Not only that, but when we began contacting everyone involved with no return calls... that it was definitely irreversible and true. Now, I saw many of you suggesting Alex Proyas to direct X-MEN. Well, one of the reasons they couldn’t get Alex Proyas is that after his experience working on I, ROBOT under Tom Rothman - the word I’ve heard is that Alex has been heard by some to say that he won’t make another film for Fox until Rothman is no longer in charge. Personally, I know quite a few filmmakers that feel the same way... so, we’re stuck with Brett Ratner directing X-MEN 3. Now that we’re stuck with this ’genius’ is there a single solitary bright spot? Well - I haven’t read the script - so I can’t say anything good about it. The review Moriarty got is pretty fucking scary - and he’ll have that for you as soon as his computer gets back online. The review read like a list of demands from talent and execs. Killing 2 of the top three actors in the series and another major character... Then - the regurgitate the angry father of a mutant plotline... whose answer is to make a demutant serum that he gets from... yet another mutant. Well, gosh - the plot worked last time right? Sigh. 9 Weeks till they begin shooting and what this script needs is the type of director that could tell Rothman to butt out of his film, and would work with his writers to weed out the idiotic ideas from the few good ones the script has. However, there is one real fun thing about bringing the Rat aboard... and that’s Lalo Schifrin. He’s coming aboard to score the film. Now - there’s something else kinda funny going on here. You see, people seem to be acting like this was some miracle last minute something... but 3 weeks ago some visual effects folks that were in Canada were heard loose-lipping that they’d been called by Ratner to discuss X-MEN 3. 3 WEEKS AGO! Moriarty should be back later this week with a full on expose on what sucks and doesn’t regarding the script to X-MEN 3. Hey, remember - BATMAN BEGINS rules.