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Joss Whedon & Christopher Golden - Bronze Beta

Monday 26 May 2003, by Webmaster

joss says: (Wed May 21 06:10:05 2003)

Okay, so that was a thing. Thank you for hanging in with me, guys. Now at last, I can tell you guys what happens next tuesday without lying.

1)I will probably have a beer.

2) earth, more or less turning, pretty certain.

3) I might read.

Cool! Now I get why everyone loves spoilers! I totally RUINED my beer-having for people who like surprises! I see now that I was shackled by Buffy, and now I’m free.

Which, oddly enough, is not how I feel.

Hope you liked.


^ Christopher Golden says: (Tue May 20 16:27:39 2003)

Mia . . . will do.

Gotta poof now. Take care all.

A moment of silence to mark the end of an era . . . .

And now I’m gone.

Be well.

^ Christopher Golden says: (Tue May 20 16:25:07 2003)

Dust Em, thanks. The new one, The Gathering Dark, comes out next month.

eirefairie—*sniff* what makes you say that?

Irishrose—absolutely. First round’s on me.

Narrator, I wasn’t aware of that. Have you posted to ask the moderator about that? If they can’t do it that way, I will say we’re certainly pushing to get a DVD made available, which would solve all such problems. :)

^ Christopher Golden says: (Tue May 20 16:08:47 2003)

BlackMagicBitsy, thanks. :) Glad you enjoyed it.

Mason, going to OzLady’s house to drown sorrows with Chinese food and watch it with her, Little Sister, Megdalen and (what’s her Bronze name, crap . . . hmm, something with fairy in it, I think). :)

Narrator . . . heh heh.

^ Christopher Golden says: (Tue May 20 16:02:14 2003)

I think I need a drink. Not, y’know, that I advocate alcohol as an answer to your problems. :)