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Joss Whedon & Eliza Dushku team up on new Fox series

Sunday 2 December 2007, by Webmaster

Joss Whedon’s last experience with episodic TV left a bad taste in his mouth, but an old friend has coaxed him back.

Whedon and "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" buddy Eliza Dushku (Faith from the show) will be launching a series, "Dollhouse," with Fox. The actress’ Boston Diva Productions and Whedon’s Mutant Enemy will produce the show, which has gotten a seven-episode commitment. Although a writers’ strike could delay production, it’s scheduled for fall 2008.

"’Massacre’ is an exceptional phrase," Whedon says of the sudden cancellation of his "Firefly" series on Fox. "But it’s a whole new crew now. There’s new blood."

Dushku will be a producer and will play Echo, a young woman who is everybody’s fantasy. She is one of a group of men and women who can be imprinted with personality packages, including memories, skills, language and even muscle memory, by a company/place called the Dollhouse.

Whedon ranks the character as one of his best, saying "she’s absolutely the essence of strength boiled down. She’s at her strongest when she’s at her least powerful. She has an extraordinary tenacity."