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Joss Whedon - No more plans for "Angel" Comics

Tuesday 10 January 2006, by Webmaster

NRAMA: Any plans to have Joss Whedon more involved with future Angel releases?

CR: No plans, but it’s something I’d certainly love. Joss seems a bit busy with a few movies in the works, and even on the comic side, with Astonishing X-Men and a Buffy miniseries for Dark Horse in 2007. I think we’ve done a great job with Angel and Spike thus far (and so must he, since he and his production company, Mutant Enemy, have approved everything before we’ve done it), but I’m like any fan who’d love to see him handle his characters once more, with feeling.

NRAMA: Ahh... let’s see if any Buffy fans get the last bit.

Anyway, as the New Year unfolds, can you tell us in broad strokes any new initiatives or points IDW is gunning for in 2006?

CR: I’d say further diversifying our line, and offering a good split between licensed books and new titles, is still our primary goal. We’re exploring some ways to help expand the way comics are presented to the world.

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  • > Joss Whedon - No more plans for "Angel" Comics

    20 January 2006 01:25, by Guan
    This headline is misleading. It doesn’t say in that interview at all that there won’t be anymore Angel comics. It just says that Whedon won’t be writing any of them.