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Joss Whedon Season 5 Message

Saturday 20 September 2003, by Webmaster

Joss Whedon really, really, really wants you to watch the new season of Angel (premiering October 1 at 9/8c)! Why?

Spike in a dress... plus some action and stuff like that. Want to know more? Read the letter he wrote just for you in this webmaster EXCLUSIVE! Get the word OUT THERE!

A letter from Joss Whedon 09/19/2003

Hey boys and girls! Joss Whedon here with an important "Angel" Secret Update. So get your Angel decoder rings, put on your tinfoil Government-Signal-Blocking hats, and turn off all your electronic devices. Except this one. Okay!

Well, its an exciting year for us at "Angel". New sets, new perils, and some old friends with some new boobs! (actually, James said they were real. My bad.) So. Yeah, James. Spike in the house.

Very excitifying. Spike brings the kind of tension, menace, pathos and "acting" you’ve come to expect from "Angel". And more importantly: ever wondered what he looks like in a dress? Well, wonder no more! But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Harmony. The deadliest foe Angel has ever faced, brilliant and diabolical. What terrifying schemes will she hatch? Well, none; she’s mostly just really funny, and also wears a dress. Then there’s your old buddies: Angel (occasionally, he will brood), Wesley (despite months of painful operations, still British), Gunn (the loveable Skipper who just hates being trapped on that island with his "Lil’ Buddy"), Fred (she’s got it all: brains, beauty, and brains!), and Lorne (Green).

Those of you who have been faithfully watching will know that our gang has been put in charge of Wolfram & Hart, their nemesis of a Law Firm. And here’s the genius twist: everything goes really smoothly! The firm changes overnight, starts doing good works, everyone gets along, there’s sing-alongs and Hey! Who wants s’mores? (we’re also toying with going a different way there, with action and mystery and horror and dissention and demons and evil and gut-wrenching drama, but I think people really wanna see s’mores. And Spike in a dress.)

Those of you who have never seen the show will have no trouble jumping on board. Just remember, Angel is the one everybody keeps calling "Angel". The rest explains itself. Except the part about EVE. Who is that girl? And what does she really want? Don’t look at me; we haven’t written that part yet!

The important this is, it’s gonna be a hell of a year. An incredible cast, a great writing staff, a fair-to-middling craft services table....it’ll be a year to remember. Vampires, ghosts, lawyers - everything you ever feared. Plus, yes, a couple of OTHER old friends will be stopping by.

So, hop on the good ship "Angel" and remember: when the sun sets, and darkness curls stealthily into your lonely room..... you should turn on a light. You’ll ruin your eyes.

Sincerely, Really,

Joss Whedon