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Joss Whedon Talks To TvGuide About Angel End Cast

By Michael Ausiello

Monday 22 March 2004, by Webmaster

Undying Love: The Final Battle to Capture Buffy’s Heart

Joss Whedon talks to TV Guide about Sarah’s possible return to Angel. The article contains casting spoilers.

Sarah Michelle Gellar’s deal to resurrect Buffy the Vampire Slayer in the May 19 series finale of Angel is all but signed in blood: "If she’s available, she’ll do it," her manager promises.

As a result, viewers may finally learn who the Chosen One’s ... um, chosen one.

"Definitely, the question of Angel versus Spike looms large in Buffy’s mind and in the minds of fans," says Joss Whedon, who created both shows. "But I’m not saying whether or not I have decided to answer it."

What Whedon may mean is that he hasn’t decided how he will answer it — regardless of Gellar’s involvement or how neatly the loose ends are tied up.

"Angel and Spike will ultimately feel some kind of resolve about their conflict over Buffy," he insists, adding quickly that the tug-of-war over Sunnydale’s stake-driving heroine will not rule the episode.

"It won’t be all about that."

We’ll bite If the long-running love triangle won’t be the focus, what will the episode be about.

"The whole point of Angel is the idea of the fight and how it never stops," Whedon hints. "The finale was always meant to be open-ended in some respect. That doesn’t mean I won’t kill everybody, but I might not (explain) why."

In the meantime, Whedon will be welcoming back some other familiar faces.

Michelle Trachtenberg is in talks to reprise her role as Buffy’s kid sis Dawn for an early May episode that will also feature the toothsome tag team of Julie Benz (Darla) and Juliet Landau (Dru).

But let’s face it — Gellar is the "get" that any apocalypse has got to have.

"Look, she either wants to or she doesn’t," shrugs Whedon. "I’m counting on the ensemble I have now. It’d be swell to have her join them."

— Michael Ausiello

15 Forum messages

  • > Joss Whedon Talks To TvGuide About Angel End Cast

    22 March 2004 23:15, by Nadine Wells
    I need to see Buffy in the final.She dosen’t have to chose,although I hope she does and chose Angel.Angel was there in the end for her,she need’s to be there in the end for him.
  • A plea to Whedon

    23 March 2004 02:20, by Jonathan Rutan
    Joss Whedon, why don’t you make a show centered around Spike if Angel is folding and the guy who plays Angel doesn’t want to play him anymore. Spin off Spike, millions will watch.
  • This makes me really happy but now i realize, its really going to be over. and i think i mite be fine with that, or at least ready.
  • Another spin off of buffy would be disaster. the buffy fans alone wouldnt keep it alive, i mean its only 1/2 the fans that actually like spike! i used to hate spike in season 2 and even to season 7, ive started to like him in angel but even with a spike show, who would play opposite him? noone from buffy.i really hope if sarah comes back that buffy decides on angel, hes the one for her, star-crossed lovers or what not. and it would probably be totally cliche to get angel to get shanshu because angel has been fighting for this for 5 years and spike has been figthing for about a year. thats not fair!
  • > Joss Whedon Talks To TvGuide About Angel End Cast

    23 March 2004 17:23, by Anonymous
    Ohhh I can’t wait to see the comeing episodes. I agree with whoever said they should make a Spike series, just promote James Marsters a lot and you’d get tons of little squealing girls who thought he was cute, and if you really want to aim it twoards teens then through a few teens into the main cast. Plus it’s keep the main Jossveres fans because who dosen’t love Spike? Anyways, I really hope SMG comes on the show, it’s only fair that if this is the end that they should have her there. Even if it’s just for a "hi", keeping us waiting like that is just cruel ^_^.
  • I hope that if Buffy comes back, she doesnt choose either one. She needs to get on with her life and let someone else love Angel or Spike.
  • I don’t care that much about Buffy herself. If she and Angel end up riding off into the proverbial sunset, then yay team. But I’m much more interested in Fred, Wesley and Gunn. None of them are self-pitying or spoiled by the PTBs. They became strong on their own, and they chose the fight- it didn’t choose them. I think they’re the ones who deserve a happy ending.
  • Oh Naomi you silly person. Buffy is the person that most people are waiting for. Its the only reason to why im watching this season of Angel!!! I really wanted Eliza Dusku (Faith)to be in this season though:(
  • > Joss Whedon Talks To TvGuide About Angel End Cast

    24 March 2004 17:31, by norman
    based on what naomi said, buffy was chosen for this despite what she wanted. she wanted something else, yet she gave up all those things to help people. i think that is a pretty selfless thing to do. she deserves more credit than people who were just along for the ride (though they do deserve some too). i hope most end up with some kind of happy ending.
  • > Joss Whedon Talks To TvGuide About Angel End Cast

    24 March 2004 19:52, by Stella

    I definitely agree with Naomi. I didn’t start watching Angel in season 1 because I wanted to see more Buffy. I liked Angel for the show ANGEL. I’m glad the fan base broadened when Buffy ended because anything that supports the show I’m all for. But as for the new fans trying to make Angel just like Buffy, I have to say to them : Be happy with how Buffy ended. Angel is (or was) a more somber show. Watch an episode from the last season of Buffy and an episode of Angel from season 4 and you will see what I mean.

    Look, I don’t like to watch Angel because I got into Buffy. I watch it because I like ANGEL! Whether or not Buffy appears in the season finale doesn’t really make that much of a difference to me.

    I think the fans that are really rooting for Buffy to do the last episode are just craving to see her again. Angel seems fine with or without her.

    Remember the first episode of season 3? Cordy and Angel are talking and Angel says that even though Buffy is dead (when she was dead) he is okay. Now tell me this: If they were meant to be together would he have let her go so easily?

    Whatever Joss decides to do is cool.

    You know what would be great? If everything went all to hell and it ended up the three of them again : Just Angel, Wesley, and Cordelia (somehow come back from the dead or a ghost or somthing).

    End it like it started. That, in my opinion would be the best!

  • > Joss Whedon Talks To TvGuide About Angel End Cast

    25 March 2004 00:40, by Angelia
    If it has to end, it has to end right. There’s a chance Buffy won’t make a choice at all, but come on! If both shows are gone, she should, and put all this to an end. Joss shouldn’t leave things hang at ALL! Fans are begging for it! Personally, it has and always will be Angel & Buffy. If she chooses Spike, I think I’m going be violently ill. I wish Faith would make an appearance too!
  • I think Joss Whedon is a genius with what he has done with Buffy and Angel, but I do not want to see him end Angel loosely. Buffy isn’t the only Slayer and if Angel becomes human then Spike can carry on the fight. Spike then can go for his own redemption, Angel recieves his by becoming human and Angel and Buffy live their life together. THE FANS NEED CLOSURE JOSS!!!
  • > Joss Whedon Talks To TvGuide About Angel End Cast

    25 March 2004 11:10, by Chrissy

    I think they should bring Cordy bk, she brought life 2 the show. There iz a way 2 bring her bk even though she iz dead!?! They brought Lila and Spike bk. Willow even brought Buffy bk 2 life!!!!!!!!!!


  • Exactly, Stella.

    Angel got his start with Buffy, but they’re two different shows with totally different moods and subject matters. No character on Angel is the same person he/she was on Buffy. Those who want Buffy back so badly are probably bigger BTVS fans than Angel fans.

    I guess my point is that it’s fine if Angel and Buffy get together in the end, but that’s the last thing that the final episode should be about, because the whole Angel/Buffy thing isn’t at all what the series has been about.

    I also think that the Wes/Fred thing is a long-runing issue in the show, and we deserve to see it properly resolved. Furthermore, Wes has been through a lot, and he deserves a bit of happiness.

  • > Joss Whedon Talks To TvGuide About Angel End Cast

    1 April 2004 02:25, by Lindsay Aue
    I would love to see Cordelia back on the show. She was Angel’s backbone. It made me cry when I heard she died. Angel and Cordelia should be together. I think they make a nicer couple. Winifred I want to see the new her and what she outcome she puts to the show. Wes does deserve happiness. I want to see what is gonna happen with everyone on Angel. It would be cool to see Angel and buffy fight evil forces together.

    See online : Cordelia and winifred, Angel and buffy