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Joss Whedon

Joss Whedon - "Wonder Woman" Movie - Updates compilation

Tuesday 20 June 2006, by Webmaster

Though I am sure there are fans that would love to hear Joss Whedon announce something spectacular for either Firefly or Serenity, the director’s (and the media’s) attention has been focused on the Wonder Woman adaptation.

Even though Whedon states that life is good and he couldn’t be happier, he is still stuck at the script stage for the superheroine.

Whedon Talks Wonder Woman

Wizard recently caught up to Joss Whedon and discussed multiple things with the director including comic books, Serenity and, briefly, Wonder Woman.

WHEDON: I am having enormous trouble with the [“Wonder Woman” movie] script. It’s going very well and I’m loving life, but because it’s only at script stage and there will be no discussion of casting before, I don’t really deal with that. No, it’s weird, I’m in my office and it’s just me.

WHEDON: It’s kept me busy for a long time. I’m finally finishing the second draft. I’m very happy with it, but wow! Wow, this one was like pulling teeth. It’s tough. I would watch “Batman Begins” and just grumble, just bitch and moan, because he’s got everything. He’s got so much of the work done for him. He’s got the best rogues’ gallery. He’s got the best origin story. Wonder Woman is a lot more to figure out. But it’s coming together. And if you would direct those actresses to my office, it’s in Santa Monica. It’s not hard to find.

For an extended period of time we had imagined Kate Beckinsale as the top pick for the part. Though the actress once wore the outfit on Halloween, she claims that the role is not for her.

Check out the entire interview with Joss Whedon over at Wizard.

Stay tuned for updates.

2 Forum messages

  • well... why don’t you get charisma wonder womaned??!!

    ok, she’s not a world wide famous actress, she only does tv series and tv movies, but she’s gorgeous and gifted for god’s sake!

    anyway, the wonder woman movie’s not going to be a blockbuster, so deal with it!

  • I agree and disagree with some things mentioned. I agree about Joss W. I think he is a weak choice to write the Wonder Woman script BUT I believe that Charisma Carpenter is the BEST choice to play Wonder Woman.

    The thing with Joss is that he’s made it clear that he’s not even writing in a villain that we are familiar with. He knows that the "villain" thing is a big part of all the success of other movies like Batman, Spiderman, etc. Leaving out Cheetah is a dreadful mistake on his part.

    In order for this movie to not tank at the box office, he needs to carefully watch Catwoman and Elektra and take notes of all of their mistakes so that they are not repeated with this film.

    For people to take this film serious, fans will need to see something traumatize Diana that sets her off to help man kind just like something happened with Bruce Wayne, Peter Parker, etc. How about Cheetah somehow destroys Paradise Island and Diana and her are the only survivors? Then the story goes from there about seeking revenge. This film should NOT be colorful. Tone the colors down like in Superman Returns. Fans will not take this film seriously if there are amazon princesses frolicking around on the island. There is so much that can be done but already he is going in the wrong direction. Not having Cheetah is a big mistake!

    As for Charisma Carpenter, this girl can pull it off! She has the beauty, no doubt. She’s a Wonderful actress and Joss knows how to write for her. Most of us know her for her previous characters but a lot of people will view her as an unknown which will help her be well received.

    Joss, please, don’t mess this up for all of us who love the Superhero movies! You get one shot at making this a good movie, one shot, that’s it, so please don’t blow it. Enlist additional writers for input if you need to! Enlist Tim Burton and Chris Nolan if you have to! Please don’t blow this for us!