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Serenity RPG Live Online

Tuesday 20 June 2006, by Webmaster

Joss Whedon fans who just can’t get enough of Firefly on iTunes have a new outlet to ease their addiction. Serenity: Leaf On The Wind is a new free online RPG with a few twists.

The game is a text-based RPG that allows players to assume the role of an Alliance supporter or a rebel Browncoat. Players can end up with one of a number of professions, including "security."

There’s a lead-time of about 24 to 48 hours for approval of new players, and the game is free to play. With multiple sims running in different areas of the Firefly universe, this title looks good for those who want to keep the legend alive. Right now the areas available are split into "The Core Worlds" (for Alliance supporters) and "The Outer Planets" (for Browncoats), but "Other Times, Other Places" is labeled "COMING SOON!" Within those major categories are several areas, and there is a demo available.

The show’s arrival on iTunes is great, but that’s not enough for die-hard fans who believe there’s still many more tales left in the Firefly universe. It appears this RPG will enable fans to keep the stories going on their own.

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