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Wonder Woman (canceled)

Joss Whedon - "Wonder Woman" Movie - Good Quality Teaser Poster

Thursday 17 March 2005, by Webmaster

Image is ™ and 2005 Warner Bros.

The official teaser poster for the upcoming "Wonder Woman" Movie, released in conjunction with announcement of Joss Whedon’s participation. Artwork by Adam Hughes.

Joss Whedon - "Wonder Woman" Movie - Good Quality Teaser Poster - Gallery

IMG/jpg/joss-whedon-wonder-woman-movie-poster-teaser-0500.jpg IMG/jpg/joss-whedon-wonder-woman-movie-poster-teaser-0750.jpg

4 Forum messages

  • Hear, hear! I would love it if Charisma got the role...she’s got the body for it, attitude, and personality...that would be awesome!
  • Nah, Charisma has the face and height, but she does not have the musculature - Wonder Woman is a tough Amazonian and muscled superhero (a la Sigourney Weaver), Charisma is way too willowy and playboy bunny skinny. Plus, she and Joss were reportedly not big fans of each other by the time she left Angel.
  • i really wouldn’t call joss a moron if i were you. if you have watched and enjoyed the movies a toy story and serenity, or if you have loved the shows buffy, angel, or firefly, then you really wouldnt criticize the one person who created these shows in the first place.

    This is the website for those who celebrate Joss Whedon as well as the universes that he has created. We do not appreciate it when people call him a moron. Go look for Wonder Woman news elsewhere if you cant keep your crude, baseless remarks to yourself.

  • I think it’s unfortunate that Joss Whedon would get slammed by anybody, but that doesn’t mean it’s innappropriate at all. In this world, or in this virtual world and forum we should still have the right to criticize as well as praise.

    After all, it is OUR INDIVIDUAL OPINION THAT IS BEING SOLICITED and posted. Trying to silence someone or move them somewhere else because they don’t have the same opinion as you with regards to one thing that an individual has done is borderline fascist.

    NOW... on to Joss. A brilliant man. Gave us(and will yet) a lot of good, entertaing moments in comics, tv, film, GOSSIP (LOL). But nobody is always right. And just like I don’t like every single song by many of my favorite artists, I feel Joss should have put any differences aside(if that is why) to cast Charisma Carpenter in the role of Wonder Woman.

    It’s almost as if everything has been leading, or even molding this woman’s carrer into giving her the experience she would need,(god and/or nature gave her the beauty) ;) — to play this role. All at the right time.

    She has the physical appeal, look, and personality to play an iconic character like this. And like it or not comic characters are as much visual as they are imaginary. They present; rightly or wrongly,.. a challenge visually to have someone who looks the part, AS WELL AS someone that can play the part.

    Through her experience with BTVS and ATS she has attacked character traits with humour, vulnerability, strength, action, romance. And don’t forget WonderWoman will require someone that can convincingly play a dual personality in guise of secret identity.

    Taking a beauty and making her tough or taking a tough lady and making her a beauty is as far as many roles like this ever get... And it’s in that attempt where they traditionally fall flat. Charisma has it all, and a wicked- fall in love smile to punctuate it with. :) Good Luck , Cordy.