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Joss Whedon

Joss Whedon - "Wonder Woman" Movie - Iesb.net Video Interview

Robert Sanchez

Monday 21 March 2005, by Webmaster

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Joss Whedon has one of the most loyal fan bases in the entertainment industry. With the success of Buffy and Angel he has been able to cement his creations as true pop culture phenomenons. After the release of his Sci-fi/Action movie Serenity later this year he will take on one of the most recognized woman in pop culture history. Last week it was officially announced that Joss would be writing and directing DC Comic’s Wonder Woman.

Warner Bros. was able to do what 20th Century Fox was not able to accomplish, get him to direct one of it’s comic book adaptations. It was long rumored that Joss was one of the front runners to take on X-Men 3 as director after Bryan Singer jumped ship to direct Superman Returns. Considering Whedon’s experience in the X-Men universe as a comic book writer it sounded like a no brainer but because of some scheduling conflicts Whedon had to pass on the Mutants.

Our friends over at Universal Pictures were kind enough to arrange a quick interview with Joss Whedon and Morena Baccarin after their Serenity signing over at Wizard World this Sunday.

Joss was able to give us some insight on Serenity and we of course had to take the opportunity to ask him about Wonder Woman. Will we see the lasso? What is going on with the invisible jet? Who is the ideal Wonder Woman? Will it be an origin story? These questions and more are answered by Joss in this very funny interview.

You might be surprised how Morena Baccarin reacts when we ask Joss who would be the ideal Wonder Woman.

Click on the link :

Click here for our Exclusive video interview with Joss Whedon

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  • He said he couldn’t do X3 because of a scheduling conflict? I wouldn’t believe it if I had not heard it from Joss’s own mouth. I thought he would have wanted to do it more than anything else. At least they were seriously considering him. Hopefully, he might get a chance to do X4.