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Joss Whedon - Wondercon Report By The Master Himself

Sunday 20 February 2005, by Webmaster

I’m not gonna have time (I’m very important) (Oh — typed an "r" in there by mistake) next week to post any kind of report, okay people? So I’m gonna do it now.

Wow, Wondercon was lame!

First of all, where was the "Jake and the Fatman" panel? I got on a frikkin’ PLANE for that, people. Second of all, my panel — WAY too many math questions. Then there was Summer, drunk again, and Adam, stumping for Nader and talking Greenpeace till your ears fall off, and Nathan... it’s called showering, pal! It’s like hugging a dumpster, I swear.

The little clip I showed from Serenity offended EVERYBODY. Like necrophilia is some sort of "taboo" any more. People, it’s the 21st century! And in the movie, it’s even later! Get with it, or towards it.

John Cassaday. Doodles a few mutants, thinks he’s all that. There’s a way to treat fans, John, and Fierce Tarantula Karate technique is not one of them. Whatever. I punched out a few fans too, but that was ONLY ’cause they were littler than me. And one of them insulted Jake. Or the Fatman, I don’t remember all of it. I have a cold.

Some highlights: The girl in the Harley Quinn outfit. What a night! Call me. The big burly security guard assigned to me. What a night! Call me. Meeting my first "fan". Spoiling the plot of everything Bendis is going to write for the next three years, which by the way he’s already written, teacher’s pet. Seeing the trailer for that ridiculous movie: a guy desses up like a bat? Yeah, THAT’ll sell.

Good times. I’m looking forward to looking back on it one day and laughing. Uncontrollably, hysterically laughing till I die with this insane grin on my face while the Joker robs the bank that I plan to become manager of. Excelsior!

Yours etc, joss.

P.S. portions of this were totally true. Well, only the part where I have a cold.

joss | February 17, 20:31 CET

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