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Joss Whedon

Joss Whedon about everything and nothing

Tuesday 8 November 2005, by Webmaster

It’s true! I want to post, but I suspect my post will appear as the actual link to my post. And this after having my own password e-mailed to me 17 times. But just so you know, I happen to be a swell cook. And when the internet has a ’smell’ function, you’ll be able to tell that I... oh God. That’s a horrible thought. ’Smell’ function? From every computer? I think I just destroyed society as a concept. Anythough, I’m counting on some administrative muckity to turn whatever this comes out as into a real post. From me to you, sweet thang. (That only applies to those of you that are sweet and thangy.) (But the others can read it too.)

So what’s up? Not sleep, sleep’s not up... But I’ve been wanting to check in and let you know what’s going on with me, Joss Whedon. In fact, there’s even a tiny scoop or two in here!

Well, first of all, what a blast I’ve had with the release of Serenity! $267 million at the box office — in Des Moines alone! Ten sequels lined up, March declared "National Serenity Awesomeness Month", Nathan made President for Life of Canada AND Greece (his will be a bloody and righteous rule), and Summer’s feet to be exhibited at the Tate, when she has time to stand around at the Tate. (She should bring a book.)

So, okay, maybe SOME of my expectations were a hair unrealistic, but I’m so proud of the movie and all my peeps, and we’ll drag it into the black (or take it out to the black) soon enough. That’s DESPITE the Scrooge-like apathy of people like Mike Alward — only one theater? Spread the wealth, pal! On the closest I ever get to a serious note, somebody should link his name to the Serenity site, ’cause they’ve been up in trying to find ways to bring people in and I think Mike really went to the mattresses there — to be rewarded with a fair amount of snark here.

I know there’s been some debate about the DVD art. Just remember it’s what’s INside that counts, as I used to remind girls in high school constantly. CONSTANTLY - until I realized that I was empty inside. Empty and homely. Man, that’s a rough combo. Where was I? O yea, the DVD. I will admit there were a few better quotes they could have used to sell the film, among them:

"A brilliant film with heart, humor, and outstanding action. It should sweep the Oscars." — Ron Notmadeupperson

"I’ve never seen a better film. In fact, I’ve never seen any film." — President Abraham Lincoln

"I want to take this film and cover it in oil and rub it all over my body" — Name Withheld (but it was Tim)

"This film has... events..." — David Denby

"And this isn’t my nose, it’s a false one!" - A Witch

And now on to the rumors and allegations section. Many of you want to know what the future holds. Anxiety, hurricanes, and Male Pattern Baldness. But maybe also some art-stuff, which is really what you guys are into. No, I don’t know anything about sequels, or spinoffs, or Nathan’s President for Life gig. I’ll keep my ear to the ground of course, but for now I’m just going to rest on my laurels (I have two). Oh! Oh! But I will tell you that Brett and I are talking about another three part comic, and it’s gonna be a hoot. Takes place during the show, and has some sweet character deaths — I mean moments! ("And what brings you to our ship, FutureTara..?") Sorry. Horrible taste. (Empty inside!) But wait’ll you see the cover...

Speaking of Darkhorse Comics, they are starting a new Buffy comic, and as I understand it, it will take place after the end of Buffy and Angel and be canon in the Buffy world. And I understand it that way ’cause I’M WRITING IT. I’m kicking off the book with a four issue arc that finds Buffy — you guessed it — living in Italy with The Immortal. (Scott — don’t be mad I spoiled the announcement — saying it means I have to finish it.) Then I’ll be overseeing the book more closely, to make sure it remains true. Gonna be interesting. And it just might tie in to...

The infamous Spike movie. Still haven’t finalized anything, but I feel that very soon I’ll be able to go to James and say something a lot more interesting than "Wouldn’t it be cool if..." ’Course, I just hope he’s free some time this decade. See how my peeps is all actifying! Tomorrow night is AMIAS, (that’s alias with Acker in it.) Happy. And totally jealous.

See, the Buffyverse glows in my brain with a new, overreaching arc that will include the comics, Spike, and more. It’s taking shape and soon you will know its name. And you will tremble.

Then of course there’s a little thing called X-Men, who are apparantly supposed to become astonishing again real soon. I miss me my Cassiday. Can’t wait to see the fan response when I kill Wolverine and replace him with fan-fave Marrow.

Well, I certainly can’t say much more, except that Wonder Woman is finally kicking ass that is not my ass, as in, I’m loving this script. She’s saving the world in a tiara, people; this is why there’s a me!

Oh, and there’s nothing on TV tonight. TV has been cancelled. Talk amongst yourselves. La la la la la....

Thanks for keeping the faith, bringing the news (I really do learn stuff here) and carrying the banner (That’s for us Newsies fans.) (Yes, I just typed that.) It’s been a bewildering few months, but the important thing is, the work continues. There’s a lot I’m looking forward to. ’Cause remember:

There was a show. Not that many people saw it in broad terms, but it was beloved. Full of humor, love and pain. And though it was a hard-sell emsemble piece with no huge names it in, it got made into a (roughly) 40 million dollar pic — and with the cast intact. That doesn’t happen a lot, but it should, and it did with this film. That’s right. I just cannot wait to see RENT.

Stay crunchy, even in milk...


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  • > Joss Whedon about everything and nothing

    10 November 2005 17:52, by Cara
    somewhen around the time when the fourth buffy season aired, i had this great "revelation"-moment when i realised: in the end everything will turn out allright as long as there is a joss whedon to take care of the storyline. thank you, joss, for making all these great shows!