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No new Serenity action figures planned say Diamond Select Toys

Tuesday 8 November 2005, by Webmaster

mw326: I see that you are doing Serenity figures and was wondering if you would ever consider doing Stargate SG1 figures since that show has had a huge following for many years now?

DSTChuck: We do seem to like Sci-Fi licenses lately, I guess we’ll have to see.

knightone: Is DST going to have a toy of the ship Serenity from "Firefly"?

DSTChuck: Like the Trek ships? If that’s what you mean then it’s unlikely.

knightone: With AA doing a high end Battlestar Galactica model, any chance of DST and AA teaming up on a high end model of the ship Serenity from the movie of the same name? Is any incarnation of the ship a possibility at all for the line?

DSTChuck: There is no connection between the AA licenses and DST right now

knightone: What is next for the "Serenity" line in general? Do you have rights to produce toys and figures from the "Firefly" television series as well? Did the first wave of figures live up to expectations and do you plan on continuing the line?

DSTChuck: Right now nothing new for Serenity is planned.