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Joss Whedon don’t want a ’Buffy-Angel-Like’ Spike Tv Movie

Wednesday 30 March 2005, by Webmaster

Question: Did Joss Whedon say anything about reviving Angel as a movie-of-the-week? - Chris

Ausiello: Yeah, but it seems that ship has sailed. These days, he’s all about the Spikester. "The thing is, David Boreanaz has kind of gone to a new place," Whedon said. "He did the series for five years and the character for a couple of years before that [on Buffy], and the thing about a Spike movie that’s different is, well, it’s different. In the same way Angel was different than Buffy as a show because of the characters, Spike would be different as a subject and that’s what makes it fresh. I don’t want to try to recapture the essence of something that I’ve already done. I want to put a new spin on it."

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  • Please no Spike movie :( Everything turned out perfect!
  • > Joss Whedon don’t want a classic Spike Spin-Off

    30 March 2005 13:31, by Lightess
    Yes, yes, yes!!! You know we’ll watch anything you give us Joss! But Spike is even better! Forgive me for being overly excited I had promised myself that I shouldn’t in fear of another butt bruising fall. *g* BUT please give us this... you want it... we want it... James wants it... well he wants it but he’s not gonna wait for long... so go make it real!! *begs weeping* oh and maybe a little (not so little) Xander in it (a new view,,, those two’s fun banter before they find out that they have slowly became friends *squee*) and I would be forever grateful... my boy fix would be complete!
  • > Joss Whedon don’t want a classic Spike Spin-Off

    30 March 2005 14:03, by Winnie
    Yes , Yes , Yes , please !!!!! Joss is fantastic and we need to see more of the whole ’verse that exists within Joss’s incredible mind . More importantly MORE SPIKE !!!! yay!!!James omg mmmmmm .
  • > Joss Whedon don’t want a classic Spike Spin-Off

    30 March 2005 15:05, by Sandy, Canada
    Sorry,I liked Spike and all but the only thing that will satisfy me is Angel. He is the leading man, everyone else was just gravy. Give David, time, he will re-consider.
  • > Joss Whedon don’t want a classic Spike Spin-Off

    30 March 2005 16:31, by OldOne
    Encouraging news, but they should team Spike up with blue thunder AKA Illyria she rocks! oh and wesley too!
  • > Joss Whedon don’t want a classic Spike Spin-Off

    30 March 2005 18:08, by Anonymous

    A Spike movie? For the love of god no! A Spike movie is not fresh. He doesnt care about the people he killed so the soul doesnt matter. He just walks along says a british catch phrase and takes his shirt off before he lights a smoke. Thats all Spike is. He only works playing off people.

    And it will not be fun to see how Joss comes up with yet another version of Willow for Spike to mess around with...

    Spike is like the hunky guys on the Romance novel covers. An image and thats it.

  • Anyone who doesnt want any kind of Buffyverse action is......rather silly.

    I can’t wait.

  • Kitty no one will force you to watch it! So bugger off and let us enjoy this little hope for something more!
  • A Spike show would be friggin awesome. Great co-stars would be Illyria and Xander. Those three would be just amazing together.
  • > Joss Whedon don’t want a classic Spike Spin-Off

    30 March 2005 19:23, by Ultrawoman
    Anything from the ’verse will be awesome, the fact that it’s likely to be Spike is a huge bonus since he has always been my favourite character and James Marsters is an excellent actor. Joss can put whatever ’spin’ on it that he likes, I would definitely love to see this happen!
  • HECK YAH!!!! Spike is the perfect person to start a spin-off. I also agree with Illyria in the cast, if they could find a great way to bring Wes back it would rock. He was the most developed character of buffy and angel and he got a crap ending. I think they will prolly just make it Spike and a new concept though. Either way I’ll watch every week from pilot to series finale
  • Your probably the same person I was argueing with on other Spike movie articles, huh? Why don’t you ever put a name to your negative comments. Or better yet, keep them to yourself.
  • Get the verse back on the air. Period.

    Spike is a bit played out... what else is there to say about him? A TV movie would be awesome, though.

    Or maybe do something Rosencrantz-and-Guildenstern-y with the verse: perhaps tell a story from the point of view of a random monster-food student at Sunnydale high...

  • Joss doesn’t need DB to create a story worth telling. I’d love to see a Spike movie, and much love and respect to JM for being so willing to keep this story and character alive! Spike was always a fun character to me, so I’m excited to hear about this possibility.

    We don’t need to wait around for more unsuccessful attempts at movie stardom from DB before they can begin a new project. In a perfect world, DB and SMG would both be excited to work with Joss on a Buffyverse project, but sadly that’s not the case. So, to heck with them, bring on Spike!

  • Give up on DB he gave up on us!! Same as SMG!! The are in search of other things. I as well as everyone I KNOW who watches BtVS/AtS never watched it for the main chars. Of course not all of us hated them but they weren’t our faves. I liked both Buffy & Angel seperately coz together I never hated two more! But I watched the shows for Spike, Xander, Willow, Giles, Anya, Tara hell even Dawn and Riley, Lorne, Wesely, Cordy, Fred, Gunn, I even liked it when Willy the snich showed (whatever happened to him btw?)

    JM is willing and since he’s my all time fave I say yet again YEAH! I’ve heard that NB wanted and he’s my second fave so yeah if he can come on too! (though I heard he’s going to a cook show or something) All in all we should all just be happy and grateful if any of this DOES come through. People who aren’t, well no one is holding a gun at your heads!

  • No. I would really like to see Spike, Illyria and ............ Andrew. I mean, what great interaction would you get between the three of them. Xander’s great and all, but he’s not how we used to know him anymore. He’s changed, not the light comedical factor anymore I guess. People grow up, so it would’nt be nice to see him still play the same character without any changes. Andrew’s still got that geeky, dorkiness we knew from both Xander and Wesley in the early years. So he would be perfect to complete the trinity.
  • you guys need to get over SMG and DB. they have moved on and now all the buffy and angel fans need to get by with the dvd sets and quit crying. give me something new and fresh with spike, illyria, andrew, which are great characters whom mr.whedon could vent his creative frustrations on. i will love every episode of buffy/angel/firefly and watch them continuously till the day i die but they are now classics and what makes them classic is the fact that they are collecting dust. ironic
  • ..when we mourn a true loss such as the dim likelyhood of a new spike movie having much spuffy.... the one true ship.
  • Angel is ace,Buffy is ace,Firefly is ace,Give us Spike and that’ll be ace too.
  • I love Spike so I’m all for a Spike movie. I’m also Glad that Joss seems to be thinking about possibilities and new ideas for this movie too. I’m certainly not opposed to seeing some of the other characters either. Andrew, Illyria, Giles and Willow.. I’d love to see the whole gang again.
  • you guys do remeber how Xander hated Spike almost as much as he hated Angel.If he shows up his sidekick it will look fake. I also dont blame DB, SMG * my favorite character*, ED or anyone for trying to have great careers just as Joss I doing. I notice no one mentions Joss’ quote about someone esle writing amd directing in his place. Doesnot mean it will be bad but he doesnot get trashed for it. Btw I actually live in the USA and NEVER to a recall the WB doing tv-movies?
  • An spin off with ILLYRIA !!!! Please ! What a wonderfull character !
  • A Spike Movie/Series? i will not get excited.....*jumps up and down* I would love to see my Fav character with Xander and Illyria and to those who say he never felt guilty or had no more story..are you kidding? he had so many layers to explore and he hides behind his badass thing but when you see him on his own he starts to think about it but as soon as someone finds him he hides back under the badboy thing like when your sad and you don’t wont anyone to know..and no ones forcing you to watch what ever this is gonna be so shut up keep your comments to your self and let us have are hope..hmpft
  • Errr if this happens it will need as many viewers as possible. The last thing I’d like to see is a the next *verse* chapter be a flop.
  • I would be overwhelmed with joy and contentment if Joss were to do a spike movie! You people, all worrying about wether it would be a flop! whats wrong with you all, have you so little faith in Joss? Do you actually think he would do it if he didn’t have a brilliant plan for it. I love spike and think anything him and Joss do together would be absolutely genuis, I only hope I’m not getting excited for nothing!!!
  • I hope whatever Joss does he raises it up to greater heights than he did before in terms of the drama, action and special effects. When you risk opening a treasure box you risk loosing what’s inside but you can also increase what you put in. Good luck.
  • I love the character of spike. But josh you owe the fans at least one movie that finishes the angel series off. I wish you would do hudreds of angel/buffy movies but you owe fans at least one to finish the series. If you can put one of your showson the big screen you can put angel on as well. Plus make more money. please do it. a spike show would be fun but i dont know if spike can do a show on his own.
  • we need at least one spike and buffy movie. To tell about the final season of angel. Even though if you had a spike movie you could do it slowly through spikes memories. David said if you can bring angel to the big screen like you did firfly: serenty then he may do it. So if you can bring firefly to the big screen do it with an angel movie please. Angel doe shave a hugh fan base that would bring in the money.