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Joss Whedon is dark on "Serenity" Prospects

Terrence Ryan

Monday 23 January 2006, by Webmaster

Empire has excepts from an interview with Joss Whedon, where he pretty much completely shuts down the idea of a "Serenity" sequel. The reason is: he hasn’t made back all the money it took to make the first one. He’s got an explanation for that though. He says that his projects tend to be hard to market. Which is pretty fair, as unless you watch one of his projects you don’t really get them. The down side is that they tend to have addictive properties of crack cocaine.

I wonder if he needs to build up his brand. What I mean is that people who are already his fans will watch his projects because of him. Because when you fall into the snares of a Whedon-project addiction, you start checking message boards, and still makes jokes about Sam Waterston prosecuting demons two years after the show went off the air. My problems aside, I think if he can brand his products as a "Whedon Project" and then bring up awareness of his prowess as a auteur.

Okay, easier said that done, but I think trying to explain his work hasn’t worked. "It’s Joss Whedon, you’ll like it, trust us," worth a shot.