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Joss Whedon posts about "Serenity" Movie Marketing and Edinburgh / Sydney Trips

Sunday 21 August 2005, by Webmaster

Post subject: Jossimablogification

Just dropping by to say ’hey’, maybe throw out a few behind-the-scenes tidbits to make you feel all special and tingly. Okay I can’t sleep. But I still might have a tidbit, we’ll see.

The marketing blitz is poised to begin. Hopefully it will be a blitz and not a tiny police action. Marketing is a very tricky business, as I’ve learned. Coming up with the tagline, "The Future is Worth Fighting For", was not a simple process. A couple of close contenders:

"The Future is worth Running Away From."

"The Future is All Visual and S---."

"One Captain. One Psychic. One Assasin. One Doctor. One Shepherd. Another Assasin, but different from the first. One Mechanic. One Companion, which is like a geisha or a courtesan, I guess sort of. One... um... did I do Mechanic? Which movie is this?"

"If you loved Katerina Witt in ’Carmen on Ice’, you’ll love this."

"Mal Takes His Shirt Off Already."

"Serenity. It’s like art, but in movie form."

"Get Ready For Rush Hour."

Now, clearly all good notions, but each lacking that one crucial element. I think we went the right way.

Gettin’ ready fro my trip to Edinburgh. Just one burning question: Is Sargent’s "Lady Agnew of Lochnaw" still hanging in the National Gallery? I’m excited about the film and all, but... if anyone in Scottishville can get me the 411 (that’s American slang for "four one one"), I’d be grateful. I loves me some Lady Agnew.

Oh, and come early September, I’ll be making another short jaunt — and finally get to hang with my Aussie peeps! I’m hitting Sydney and Melbourne! Not for more than a day each, but it’s still my first time and I’m psyched! (See, I told you ther’d be some info if you hung around long enough.) I expect a proper Australian welcome, unless a proper Australian welcome involves paddling of any kind.

Well, back to attempt sleep. Keep fighting, and ignore Movieline and the Hollywood Stock Exchange. We make our destiny, peeps. you all know that better than anyone.

Yours (finally!) sleepily, The Man They Call Joss.

And, to be perhaps a little too honest even for you my dear peeps... I kind of did love ’Carmen on Ice’. Go figure.