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Joss Whedon posts on Serenitymovie.com a Good Night message

Saturday 31 December 2005, by Webmaster

Good Night and Good GOD there’s something on my leg! Reply with quote Ahh! Spider! Spider!

No wait. Lint.

Ahh! Lint! Malevolent lint!

Oookay, where was I? Um, time of sadness... transition... live forever in our hearts....

Sorry, I want this post to be really special, I’m just going through my notes. Be with you guys in a sec.

Ahhh... done the improbable... joke about dolphins... majestic DVD art... OH! Hey! Here we go:

Thanks a bunch.

Cool. I thought that went well. Some sentiment, but not maudlin... quality post. The one to go out on, if nobody notices my irrational fear of lint. I think the Browncoats will gain strength from my timely message, or from working out regularly. Anyway, my heart will go on. My liver’s a house of cards, though, I kid you not.

Callous? Who said that? Maybe you’re callous, mister TROLL! I’m not callous. I got the same feeling when I heard the board was closing down as every one else. But I’m old. Really, really old. Like, Keanu Reeves Old. (God, he’s well preserved.) So I’ve seen this before. The Bronze. The Angelix. The Portly Norwegian Bondage House. All come and gone. What remains? Only two things. The first is Homestar Runner. Go Homestar! Teen Girl Squad! Let’s get ready to look SOO GOOD!

The second, guess what, is love.

No flying lessons, don’t worry, but what we get from the shows, the films, and the time on these boards — from each other — just can’t get shut down. You guys gave me so much hope and support... and I gave you a movie so, you know, advantage me. But still. What this place was is sweet, what it will always be is treasured.

I got props for the Uni’s for putting this up — oh, and for making my damn (excuse me, BIG damn) movie. All things must pass. We’ll find each other again, especially if any of you are portly, Norwegian and ’open-minded’.

I’ll do my best to tell stories that cause as much trouble as this one did. And if I ever get the chance to return to this one... in case it was ever unclear due to shoddy journalism, sign me right the hell up.

You guys are the best crew flying.

Thanks a bunch.

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