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Joss Whedon previews Angel

Wednesday 10 September 2003, by Webmaster

The big news for ’’Buffy’’ fans: ’’Spike is in the hizzy,’’ says exec producer Joss Whedon, who adds that James Marsters’ undead dude will be reintroduced ’’painfully, and with a lot of special effects.’’ Meanwhile, Angel (David Boreanaz) has taken over the supernatural law conglomerate Wolfram & Hart. ’’Last year was one big story for 22 episodes,’’ says Whedon. ’’This year we’re trying to welcome new viewers, so it’s more solve-a-case-every-week.’’ Angel may also get a visit from a certain slayer (if Sarah Michelle Gellar can find time between ’’Scooby-Doo’’ sequels). ’’Now that I have her two ex-boyfriends in one room, it’s the perfect time to make things even worse.’’ Any more spin-offs planned, Mr. Whedon? ’’I’m working on ’Buffy: Deep Space Nine.’ It will be dark and badly received.’’