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Joss Whedon rules out "Firefly" revival

Neil Wilkes

Friday 6 January 2006, by Webmaster

Firefly creator Joss Whedon has quashed rumours of the show’s revival but has assured fans that the universe has far from ended.

The cult sci-fi series was axed by FOX after just twelve episodes in 2002 but hopes of a return were recently ignited by the success of the show’s DVD release and a spinoff movie, Serenity.

"We’ll never make Firefly again, because that was a thing that existed and is now gone," Whedon told USA Today. "And Serenity isn’t Firefly, and whatever comes next won’t be, either. But I would love to tell more stories of this universe and to hang out with these people on and off for the rest of my career."

Now he hopes the DVD release of Serenity will make the case for further films in the franchise. "The best-case scenario is that the DVD is such a spectacular, monster hit that we get to make another movie. Then we get to make another movie. After three movies, we’re all very tired," he added, joking: "After Serenity: Revolutions, we feel like we’ve played it out. And then we make another series."