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Joss Whedon’s Reaction About Angel’s Cancellation

Sunday 15 February 2004, by Webmaster

They Canceled My Frikkin’ Show

Joss reacts to the news of Angel’s cancellation and expresses his disappointment in the networks decision.

Sat Feb 14 22:31:16 2004

Some of you may have heard the hilarious news. I thought this would be a good time to weigh in. to answer some obvious questions: No, we had no idea this was coming. Yes, we will finish out the season. No, I don’t think the WB is doing the right thing. Yes, I’m grateful they did it early enough for my people to find other jobs.

Yes, my heart is breaking.

When Buffy ended, I was tapped out and ready to send it off. When Firefly got the axe, I went into a state of denial so huge it may very well cause a movie. But Angel... we really were starting to feel like we were on top, hitting our stride — and then we strode right into the Pit of Snakes ’n’ Lava. I’m so into these characters, these actors, the situations we’re building... you wanna know how I feel? Watch the first act of "The Body."

As far as TV movies or whatever, I’m not thinking that far ahead. I actually hope my actors and writers are all too busy. We always planned this season finale to be a great capper to the season and the show in general. (And a great platform for a new season, of course.) We’ll proceed ahead as planned.

I’ve never made mainstream TV very well. I like surprises, and TV isn’t about surprises, unless the surprise is who gets voted off of something. I’ve been lucky to sneak this strange, strange show over the airwaves for as long as I have. I don’t FEEL lucky, but I understand that I am.

Thanks all for your support, your community, and your perfectly sane devotion. It’s meant a lot. I regret nothing (except the string of grisley murders in the 80’s — what was THAT all about?) Remember the words of the poet:

"Two roads diverged in a wood, and I took the road less traveled by and they CANCELLED MY FRIKKIN’ SHOW. I totally shoulda took the road that had all those people on it. Damn."

See you soon.

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  • > Joss Whedon Reaction About Angel’s Cancellation

    15 February 2004 11:50, by Anonymous
    ahhhh bless him, if it’s breaking his heart though can’t he do anything to stop it....I think I’m in the denial stage
  • > Joss Whedon’s Reaction About Angel’s Cancellation

    15 February 2004 12:52, by Anonymous
    Oh my god. Talk about being broadsided out of nowhere. Crap.
  • > Joss Whedon’s Reaction About Angel’s Cancellation

    15 February 2004 14:05, by Sandy, Canada
    I sure hope Joss tries to get Angel picked up by another network. His heartbreak is my heartbreak. There are a lot more stories to tell and to be heard. Push onward Joss, for all of us. Thank you for your passion and devotion.
  • I am crying woth you Joss.... :`(

    15 February 2004 15:17, by Anonymous

    We’ll fight back! No one will take Angel away without a fight!!!!

    Long Live the Buffy Verse!

  • > Joss Whedon’s Reaction About Angel’s Cancellation

    15 February 2004 15:51, by suzanne whistance
    to ask a probably silly question, why can’t the series continue on a different network? I really love this show, haven’t missed an episode and feel these characters have so much further to go! What about his redemption, and buffy? I’m very sad.
  • Trust Joss to go out with a joke... well we’re all behind him no matter what he decides to do!
  • > Joss Whedon’s Reaction About Angel’s Cancellation

    15 February 2004 19:32, by Aldonn
    No! Joss Wheden Can’t give up. SOmeone give me his e-mail. It’s time fans rose to his side! We should give him a pep talk worthy of his time. And I nominate myself to write it. We should stand up for our rites! This is the time we show those TV Nazis what being a fan is all about. We should teach them respect. More importantly, if they don’t want the show, fine! We shove it in their face. Joss Wheden, I want you to fight for the WB to sell the show to another station. A station like UPN. To quote the old addage, "The show must go on!"
  • > Joss Whedon’s Reaction About Angel’s Cancellation

    15 February 2004 20:39, by Anonymous

    Man Joss sounds pissed, and with good reason obviously. I dont know how others feel, but I like Angel way MORE than I ever liked BtVS. It just seems more hardcore.

    It along with a few other shows is, honestly, the only reason I bothered buying a new TV when I got my own place (being 21 is great :D). Thisll just be another reason not to have one, hehe.

    See online : BAND TOGETHER

  • > Joss Whedon’s Reaction About Angel’s Cancellation

    15 February 2004 20:58, by John BS

    I’m glad Joss feels the same way we do!

    This show has done nothing but continue to get better and better! Now some execs want to can it!

    no way, keep the show!!! I hope there is another network out there that is willing to take over the honour of broadcasting such a great, great show!

    save Angel from the true powers of darkness!

  • > Joss Whedon’s Reaction About Angel’s Cancellation

    15 February 2004 21:42, by Avisute

    Dear Mr Whedon, Please don’t give up! You have been an inspiration for so many years pouring all your love and effort into developping and maintaining the buffy/angel franchise! Would you really let the WB put an end to this fantastic world that you have created and around which your life has orbited for the vast amount of years that it has? I can’t help but feel that there is still so much to tell that has been left untold and that it is your duty if not your right to continue to make us dream about this world you have created. Please don’t let them take away these characters that we have all come to know, cherish and love.

    Our hearts are with you urging you to be strong and fight this to the last breath,

    Your Devoted Fans

  • I am outraged, but I don’t want to reiterate what everyone else as said. Instead, I’ll just pose this question: I read in EW when they originally picked up Buffy that they had a contract to pick up Angel for a year too if the WB cancelled it. What is the situation with that?
  • Damn! Josh, react man!! They are just doing like Buffy : take the show to UPN or produce it in your garage : whatever to keep it alive !! It’s the only thing left we have from the whedonverse so far!!Long Live Angel!
  • > Joss Whedon’s Reaction About Angel’s Cancellation

    15 February 2004 22:39, by Joey-Anya
    OMG NOOOOO!!!!! You can’t do this to the fans. I mean 5 years of Angel is not enough. We just got Spike & Harmony on there-and there is so much storylines to tell about the characters. I don’t understand. I think season 5 has been the best so far. I can’t live without Angel-& I know millions of others can’t either. It can’t just end there. I will fight and do whatever it takes to have Angel return for a new season. I don’t care if it is on UPN-I want Angel to go on like Buffy did. PLEASE!!! SOMEONE PLEASE do something in your power to continue Angel. PLEASE!!!!!!!
  • > Joss Whedon’s Reaction About Angel’s Cancellation

    15 February 2004 23:10, by Anonymous
    I nominate Aldonn for a prozac and an intense counselling session.
  • > Joss Whedon’s Reaction About Angel’s Cancellation

    16 February 2004 00:21, by Tamara VGG
    Joss Whedon is a freakin genious and should never give up. I hope he knows he has thousands of fans out there that support him!
  • > Joss Whedon’s Reaction About Angel’s Cancellation

    16 February 2004 00:47, by truebrit
    To be honest, I’m not that shocked by this news. Angel is a great show, but being a spin-off could never enter the popular mind in the way Buffy did (remember, awareness of Buffy was ALWAYS more then the people actually watching the show), whereas Angel had nothing like that for people to grab onto. I’m sad its happened, but without Buffy, Angel could never really survive. I’m just really disappointed we won’t get to see next season, which if they knew it was their last, they could finish it the way they wanted.
  • > Joss Whedon’s Reaction About Angel’s Cancellation

    16 February 2004 01:45, by lady macbeth
    I am so sorry that Angel is being cancelled. I do not watch all the stupid reality shows that are on and this just gives me another reason to watch BBC America. Joss is the most creative, unique writers we have writing for TV and it will be a shame to lose the creativity that his show brings.
  • > Joss Whedon’s Reaction About Angel’s Cancellation

    16 February 2004 03:31, by Mia the Vampire Slayer
    Joss, you almost made me cry! (And I now have a need to watch The Body again...) Please don’t give up! Just because the rest of the world thinks that we’re nuts (I didn’t get the nickname BuffyGirl for nothing! xD) we need Angel to continue! It’s our only part of the Buffyverse we have left! Just promise me one thing - if Angel goes to UPN it won’t become a shag-fest like S6 of Buffy. That’s all I ask... otherwise, keep doing what you love!
  • > Joss Whedon’s Reaction About Angel’s Cancellation

    16 February 2004 03:34, by Anonymous
    I think the WB is being absolutely stupid. They’ve got nothing big enough to back up they’re move of canceling Angel, All the other shows are really not that great, I don’t know about ratings, but shows like Buffy and Angel were (and are) fenominal. Shows like One Tree Hill and such just don’t cut it. Very poor judgement in my opinion.
  • I cannot believe the show is ending. There is no other show where the storylines are so diverse and well written, no other show where the characters/acting are both top class. It is a show that can appeal to long term fans because of its huge past (inc. Buffy) and people who simply tune in one week when they see the great potential it has.

    Angel is a show that can appeal to everyone. I myself am a medical student, I have friends who are actors in training, computer programmers and alike, all who thoroughly enjoy Angel. For another network not to pick up angel or for the WB not to sell it on would be a huge shame. They say that other classic shows like friends are finishing this year, well friends has had its time, covered every storyline... Angel has not. The type of show it has become has changed completely throught the seasons and I hope Joss and the team have a chance to end it as they would have loved, and not with a few episodes notice.

    I know that all this has been said before, and that Joss is the last person not to want the legendary buffyverse to come to a big crunch. I just hope that the series does not come to an end, and feel i should say my bit in the hope it will influence someone somewhere!


  • PLEASE dont give up Joss - find another network - they cant all be completely retarded, can they? You cant let all the hard work and effort your people have put in over the years amount to an ending that is anything short of what it should be. And if Angel ends this season, then that is how the ending will be for you AND for your fans!! Please, find another network with half a brain - we (the fans) will follow you to a 1am timeslot if it means we get to see angel ended the way it should be. Hell, we have tape recorders!! Its not like they havent screwed you over before!! FIGHT BACK!!

    See online : > Joss Whedon’s Reaction About Angel’s Cancellation

  • Even when his heart is breaking, he manages to be funny. I love that man, God Bless him. WB must die....they keep all the crappy shows on and when it gets to the good stuff, POOF! It’s gone!
  • > Joss Whedon’s Reaction About Angel’s Cancellation

    16 February 2004 12:01, by September S.

    *SOB* I love you, Joss :-(


  • > Joss Whedon’s Reaction About Angel’s Cancellation

    16 February 2004 14:13, by WB sux da bigone!
    This is just plain wrong i tells ya! Thoes eggheads at WB think that their best next thing they have is Smallville but what they dont realize is that smallville has to stick to a storyline that already has a future. once they reach their limit they cannot do n e thing to change that future but wif angel there is no boundaries that cannot be broken and i say to all the ppl at WB...Go to HELL!!
  • > Joss Whedon’s Reaction About Angel’s Cancellation

    16 February 2004 14:48, by Bill Tevelein

    Clearly the Warner Brothers have gone terminally looney tunes and should consider re-employment in the thriving Village Idiot Industry.

    Yay team to JW and co for keeping the flags of creativity, humour, intelligence and emotional oomph fluttering atop the smoking, shattered, pestilential ruins of the US telly industry for so long.

    May the responsible parties develop embarrassing facial rashes and may Whedon’s World leap back to life faster than a vampire who’s been staked through the kidney by an anatomically dyslexic slayer.

  • > Joss Whedon’s Reaction About Angel’s Cancellation

    16 February 2004 16:21, by Ciarae
    I cant bloody believe it! Its so unfair, now the show wont have a proper ending and will be really rushed. At least we have...*counts* 17 more episodes to see in england, im so sad, i actually felt like crying last night! lol KIWI

    See online : http://www.ciarae.com

  • > Joss Whedon’s Reaction About Angel’s Cancellation

    16 February 2004 16:57, by Bek Young

    I can not believe it!! Joss is a God among writers, directors and producers, his reaction to the WB cancelling his show just proved that more then any episode of Buffy and Angel ever could...

    Obviously, the WB needs someone to reach up there and yank their heads out of their respective rear ends and make them realize that, Hello!! Losing a good thing here!!

    Joss’s reaction to the cancellation is totally fair, although, I’m sure there were many more expletives in there. Lord knows I had several things to rant about due to the WB’s seriously disturbed idea.

    I only hope, that, something happens to turn their heads about so we can keep one of the now best programmes on T.V.

    And, like others have said before me, and more will say - Don’t give up Joss!!! Maybe a network with actual brains will pick up Angel. And if not, then, hey, the fans will keep it going the best we know how...

  • > Joss Whedon’s Reaction About Angel’s Cancellation

    16 February 2004 17:24, by Chanes

    Don’t give up! There have been set backs before and there’s more than one network! I cannot believe something as amazing as the Buffyverse has suffered these set backs. If no more stories are told then I might as well get a multi disk DVD and play all the box sets, I don’t really watch anything else anyway.

    If it is truly the end, then thanks for some brilliant storytelling. These will mark a happy time in my life for as long as I live.

  • Good for Joss, taking the news so well. I am not! I am totally gutted and in shock. WTF is going on?!
  • > Joss Whedon’s Reaction About Angel’s Cancellation

    16 February 2004 18:13, by Michelle
    I’m so depressed! I live for Wednesday nights! Now there is absolutely nothing on t.v. that i can watch. why does the WB always seem to screw over the good shows? But lets get past that. Give UPN a call.
  • > Joss Whedon’s Reaction About Angel’s Cancellation

    16 February 2004 18:39, by Michelle
    I personally cannot go through life without knowing who’s going to Shanshu!
  • > Joss Whedon’s Reaction About Angel’s Cancellation

    16 February 2004 18:42, by Alexandra
    Hi from the The Who Shop in the U.K I heard the news this morning. Absolute Shock! What are they thinking about? we get a show which is spot on, with wide appeal the station is making a mint on the merchandise and they kill it!Crazy!The U.K loyal fan base will do what we can to help.Alexandra.
  • > Joss Whedon’s Reaction About Angel’s Cancellation

    16 February 2004 21:05, by mi_rn_2003
    Why not go to UPN like they did with Buffy? I’m sure it would retain the ratings, and then they can continue the stories. If I was him, I’d tell them to shove it and move to the other network. TV movies aren’t the same as having a new season.
  • > Joss Whedon’s Reaction About Angel’s Cancellation

    16 February 2004 22:12, by Anonymous
    With the departure of "Angel" goes my last reson to watch anything on the WB!
  • > Joss Whedon’s Reaction About Angel’s Cancellation

    16 February 2004 22:24, by Anonymous

    from the Futon Critic:

    To date this season, "Angel" is averaging 4.41 million viewers for first-run installments, up 11.65% from last season in year-to-year comparisons (3.95 million).

  • > Joss Whedon’s Reaction About Angel’s Cancellation

    16 February 2004 23:02, by Schiavona

    It’s about time that this show was ended. The worst two things that Joss and Company did this season was to bring in the character of Spike in as a regular and to kill off the character of Cordelia.

    It wasn’t the just the "Vampire with a Soul" that made Angel watchable it was the whole cast. It was their chemistry and interactions with each other. This was an ensemble show that worked because of the chemistry between the characters. Once Spike appeared, most of the episodes became Spike vs Angel or all about Spike to a large degree. With the exception of the halloween episode and Cordelia’s farewall aka the 100th episode, this show had forgotten what made it special.

    I always liked the cast that consisted of the main four characters in Angel, Cordelia, Wes, and Gunn. The many ways that each character supported each other and helped each other was special and also served to highlight what it was that BTVS has lost during it last two seasons.

    This seasons ratings prove that the much expected boost in viewers that were promised with the inclusion of Spike never appeared. From the information that I’ve seen on many different websites and discussion groups, many viewers that liked both the Angel and Buffy shows did not like the character of Spike as he mutated during the last three seasons of Buffy. I know of many who decided not to watch Angel this season because of Spike moving there, as they dislike the character and what they believed he would do to the show. So the loss in viewership by those that didn’t like Spike was barely evened out by the Spike fans that may have started watching Angel just because he moved there.

    So to me, it was clear that this show had "jumped the shark" and it was time to end it before it became really pathetic. At least WB gave the cast and crew early notice so they can start looking for other positions and that hopefully the writers can give us a finale that isn’t as bad as Chosen was.



  • From the Futon Critic: To date this season, "Angel" is averaging 4.41 million viewers for first-run installments, up 11.65% from last season in year-to-year comparisons (3.95 million).

    See online : Ratings

  • > Joss Whedon’s Reaction About Angel’s Cancellation

    17 February 2004 01:15, by Anonymous
    How about having UPN pick up the show or one of the other networks. This show is too great to cancel. It’s at the height of it’s popularity. If the WB wants to cut it’s own throat, let them, but don’t let them do it to the cast and crew as well. A lot of literary expertise has gone into the production of this series and it would be a sacralidge to see it leave us.
  • > Joss Whedon’s Reaction About Angel’s Cancellation

    17 February 2004 01:26, by Anonymous
    How about having UPN pick up the show or one of the other networks. This show is too great to cancel. It’s at the height of it’s popularity. If the WB wants to cut it’s own throat, let them, but don’t let them do it to the cast and crew as well. A lot of literary expertise has gone into the production of this series and it would be a sacralidge to see it leave us.
  • > Joss Whedon’s Reaction About Angel’s Cancellation

    17 February 2004 02:17, by DebbiB
    I just came home from the beach. I ran to my PC and quickly went into COA. The first article I see is that they are taking "Angel" off the air. I am in shock. I hated it when we lost Buffy. But I knew we still at least had "ANGEL" How can they do this? But have no fear. We are your loyal and dependable fans. There is the petitions, and we all want our ANGEL. They take and take and then when we get something so glorious, and so filled with all the great metaphors that you can watch over and over again, and still get a different perception each time. I cannot say that about anything I have ever watched I have seen every movie, and I also always give a TV show a shot. I have rarely wanted to ever see it again, nonetheless every day and night. But right now the only thing I wait for is "Angel. I just got DVR, which is a TIVO but it comes from the cable station. I did this so that I can watch each new EP over and over again. I had cancer. I was bedridden for 2 years. The main thing that pulled me up and brought me to reality enuf to fight and win, was that I knew I could have ANGEL. And as far as I am concerned, Angel and Buffy, (Charmed) saved my life. I had the entire hospital watching. Nurses and doctors were taking their breaks in my room. They wanted to watch. They even kidded about me I was their Blockbuster We are all devoted fans, and there is no way we will let this happen. With the petition, and them seeing how many of us are not going to take it anymore. They might have to give us Season 6. It has been done before. La Femme Nikita, it was done. We also had a petition, and we all wrote in and they gave us 8 more shows. It is not enuf though, not for ANGEL. We have to at least get a season. I was convinced we would have season 7. I am still trying to digest this news. Whatever it takes Joss please know we will do anything and everything there is to show them they are making the biggest mistake in their lives. We CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE. I have seen it done before and we will do it again Sex and the city was supposed to end. But there were so many write-ins, they also gave an extra 8 shows. We can win the war. And I promise I will do everything that I did for La Femme Nikita only more. There is no way that if we all write in and tell them that we will never watch WB again unless they put Angel on for another season, or two, or even three, three would be good for me, that is also a big help. All of you that are reading this, we all want the same thing There is a lot to do. Letters to write, sign the petitions, and MUCH more. Love you Joss Whedon. And The WB will find that out No matter what we have to do, it will get to them. I am starting to write my letters right after this. LET’S all do this together. We nust write in to the WB I will post on COA all the things done for those shows that they did actually put back again. Hopefully Angel will make a season 7. Have hope my dears, the people should get what they want and so let us begin. PLEASE WRITE YOUR LETTER TODAY

    See online : WB interviews Joss whedon and they should leave Angel on, and leave us alone. It is the greatest show ever.

  • > Joss Whedon’s Reaction About Angel’s Cancellation

    17 February 2004 03:21, by meandme
    will angel go to UPN like buffy did, or will it end for good?
  • Its called "Faith the Vampire Slayer"

    17 February 2004 04:32, by Anonymous

    Get Eliza Dushku to sign for it, NOW! God... Faith the Vampire Slayer would be so good, a perfect spin-off of Buffy and Angel. Have Angel, Willow, Xander, Dawn, Spike, Cordy, and Buffy herself (Though I hear SMG really doesn’t want to do anything with Buffy, its a shame) and GET THIS SHOW STARTED ON UPN, TBS, or FX!!!!!!!

    People want to continue watching this amazing Buffyverse World, and since Angel is cancelled, I think a spin-off with Faith would be the best. Heck, I wouldn’t mind a spin-off with Dawn, just continue with this amazing TV arc Joss!!!

  • > Joss Whedon’s Reaction About Angel’s Cancellation

    17 February 2004 09:05, by Anonymous
    No! How can this happen so soon after the end of Buffy! We are still mourning our loss and they go and kick us while we’re down! Whats Happening over there in the USA!
  • > Joss Whedon’s Reaction About Angel’s Cancellation

    17 February 2004 16:16, by Inge Hulswit

    The first words that went through my mind where: oh mijn god zijn ze nou helemaal gek geworden? wich is dutch and means so much as: oh my god have they gone completely crazy? I think it’s the reaction all ANGEL fans will have what ever language they speak because the WB doesn’t really have a clue how many people they are dissapointing. I mean it’s not only the american fans, no it’s also the french, german, english, dutch and many other countries. And if I read the letter on the WB site correctly It sais they wanted to stop the show at its biggest moment. But guess what I and probably thousands of ANGEL fans with me will see ANGEL in its self as a big moment.True Angel fans will support the show until Joss has run out of stories and as he said he still has many stories to tell.

    So common people and help support Joss, the cast and his crew till the end and maby (If not all people of t.v.stations have gotten infected with the very dangerous Hey-I’m-crazy-and-want-to-quit-airing-ANGEL dissease) an other T.V network like UPN, FX! or someone will come along and see that ANGEL is not by far over yet.

  • I hate the WB!!!! I feel so bad for joss and the entire crew. How can they do this?I am going to make a scene. I will win this show back. WB will be sorry that they ever even thought about cancelling this show.AARGH!!!!!!
  • > Joss Whedon’s Reaction About Angel’s Cancellation

    17 February 2004 19:04, by DurangoKid
    My guess is that if the cast and crew have their wits about them, they’ll be fishing around for the next gig. Given the choice between waiting for the suits to bow to a letter writing campaign or keeping up with the mortgage and car payments, do the math. Them’s the breaks. BtVS and Angel were some of the best tv since live tv in the 50’s. We’ll miss them, treasure them, and finally have to move on. Considering how inovative Joss is, it’s amazing to me that he got as far as he did with the Buffyverse. In a few years there might be a "next generation" in the Buffyverse. The good story is bigger than those who tell it. Stranger things have happened.
  • Why Angel got cancelled

    17 February 2004 21:17, by Courtney
    Because you kicked Charisma off, ah-DUH! Serves you right, Joss - you’re normally brilliant, but this is the one mistake you made. Cordy took half the show with her when she left.
  • Cancelled in favor of a remake of "Dark Shadows?" Okay, it was great in the 70’s but ... uh ... has ANYTHING remade from the 70’s been a success? Or even, they can’t have TWO vampire shows? Yeah, I guess that’s the situation these days ... cuz, well, no season can have more than one lawyer, cop, reality, or CSI show on, so you certainly can’t have two VAMPIRE shows on! Oh wait ... there ARE more than 2 (like 5?) lawyer, cop, reality, and CSI shows! Hmmmmm.

    Love the Robert Frost "quote."

    Hey, Joss! Have you called UPN yet?

  • > Joss Whedon’s Reaction About Angel’s Cancellation

    18 February 2004 08:57, by Anonymous
    What i would love if Angel is canceled, a spin-off that can star some or all of the former actors of Buffy or Angel, if it has to come to that! Also i agree with meandme, would Angel be able to move to another network?
  • > Joss Whedon’s Reaction About Angel’s Cancellation

    18 February 2004 09:17, by Joan of Arc
    Everyone!!!!!!!!!!! Contact your friends! Send any type of mail to the WB or other people who can decide the fate of the best show on TV!!!ANGEL!!!!!!! Its the only way to save Angel!!!!!!! One more season would be GREAT at the very least!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please people!!!! We cant let Angel die like so many good shows, like Buffy and Firefly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DO IT KNOW, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • > Joss Whedon’s Reaction About Angel’s Cancellation

    18 February 2004 16:20, by MissBinda

    So Angel’s being cancelled.... talk about complete and utter devastation in MY household.

    For the many of us us who DON’T get off on seeing boring, generic Ken and Barbies competing for million dollar prizes, we are left with.. what.. NOTHING to show for 8 years of viewing dedication to the shows that Joss Whedon has produced? A smiling assurance that hey, at least we get a couple of remaining episodes in which to wrap up over 100 episodes worth of storylines?!( 240+ if you count ’Buffy!) BIG DEAL!

    And they thought that Janet was the only one in the USA making a boob of herself lately..... WB as far as I’m concerned you can shove it where the sun don’t shine.......and for the Angel cast and crew.. thank you SO much for the memories!

  • > Joss Whedon’s Reaction About Angel’s Cancellation

    18 February 2004 19:19, by Angel lover
    what are we all supposed to do wednesday nights at nine??? They are insane to cancel Angel. Have Angel run on a different station and in the same time slot. Make WB pay their dues!!!!! We lost Buffy, please, don’t let us loose Angel too. :(
  • > Joss Whedon’s Reaction About Angel’s Cancellation

    18 February 2004 19:33, by Aurora
    This is totally disgusting, i was so happy when Spike came into Angel that just made it a whole lot better and as people have said it keeps getting better and better, the ratings are good, so whats going on? Im going to make an official complaint im horrified and depressed, just after ive got over Buffy ending Angels ending! *Sob*
  • > Joss Whedon’s Reaction About Angel’s Cancellation

    19 February 2004 02:24, by Anonymous


    I now have to break the bad news of Angel’s cancellation to my hubby, and he’ll be so depressed. We both adore your slightly twisted mind, and the WB has lost 2 viewers. All their other moronic pap holds no appeal to anyone over 12. And we have a lot more disposable income than any 12 year olds. Morons, each and every one!

    Keep writing, keep fighting Leah & Josh

  • > Joss Whedon’s Reaction About Angel’s Cancellation

    19 February 2004 05:32, by kym croft
    Oh my GOD!!!!!! The media here have just cottoned on to the axing-Australia is a LONG way away. I truly can’t believe it. My husband and I woke to the news today(we’re old buggers, like Joss!)and we’ve gone off to work in a state of shock. Deepest sympathy to Joss and all at ME. You could always come down under and make it at a fraction of the cost!!!! BIG Buffy & Angel following here, probably get crews to work for a wee price! Good luck all and hope we see you soon, somehow, Kymmy
  • > Joss Whedon’s Reaction About Angel’s Cancellation

    19 February 2004 22:59, by habitrailgirl

    Really true that Angel was just hitting its stride. I bet the networks wanted to wait and see if all the Buffy fans went over to Angel, and have cancelled it because the numbers aren’t high enough. But they _would_ be, _will_ be, when word gets around; Angel this season is SO MUCH BETTER than it has been! Sorry not to be part of the Unconditional Joss Love Fest. I love you, Joss, but only when you get straight As and make the track team.

    Angel’s making solid B+s this season and is catching up in the race . . .


    21 February 2004 19:48, by Bilawal
    THE only way to save angel is to go on strike so if buffy.nu doesnt mind postiong this some where for all to see we should all threaten the Wb that we shall stop watching it if the cancel angel n if the still do every one just stop watching it! The might think they’ve seen ratings humph they dont know the meaning of low ratings!!!
  • > Joss Whedon’s Reaction About Angel’s Cancellation

    22 February 2004 01:39, by Jean Levy


    From the depths of denial, may I offer you my support and a reminder that in the past great art has often suffered at the hands of philistines. However, in the past the public could only look on and despair BUT now we have people power, and email and credit cards and a great deal of anger at the decision to cancel Angel. We are a devoted public and we will all, no doubt, rally to your aid. BUT if all our efforts fail and the lowbrow despots of WB continue to turn from your genius and the greatness that is ANGEL, prefering instead to bombard TV audiences with cheap mediocrity, then I will boycott everything they ever do from the end of Angel onwards, and I will await your further excellence.

    PS. Please include Spike in all that you do.

    PPS. And Xander.

    PPPS. I loved Firefly.

    Regards, Jean

  • > Joss Whedon’s Reaction About Angel’s Cancellation

    22 February 2004 05:31, by JP Gentry (AKA: Eyes of the Dead)


    In my opinion, the WB has lost its fucking mind. After the brutal murder of Buffy, they decide that they are going to try and kill a vampire. where the fuck is the wooden stake? I am a loyal follower of Angel and will most likely need years of therapy to deal with this loss. I am hoping that Angel will return on another network, and I will fight to the death to get it back on if needbe. I will stand in freeways, chain myself to various objects and even hold signs or vandilize in order to get what we (me and the rest of intellegent America) want, more Angel. The WB must be run by Geoge WB because only he could make such a big mistake. I believe that people shoud give public showings and demonstrations and I would love to hear the cast’s view on this matter. Maybe, after recieving tousands of letters from hurt fans, the cast will get involved too. get Sarah Michelle Gellar or David Boreanaz to give PSAs or something. Have Alexis Denisof and Alyison Hannigan ( beig a very hot couple) do some sort of party to celebrate their comming together and saving Mr. Denisof’s job. Charisma Carpenter could mention ANgel in her upcoming Playboy appearence, getting the pervert society in on the saving of Angel. Seth Green, J. August Righards and Amy Acker could make a movie together and drop lots of hints that America should rise up and fight the WB as to save the fine program, compelling story and gripping adventure that is Angel. I hve already written to the WB and wish others would do the same. I will also be writting to the jackoff who decided to cancel Angel in the first place and verbally kick his ass.

    With deep admeration and sadness,

    Jean-Paul (JP) Gentry

  • > Joss Whedon’s Reaction About Angel’s Cancellation

    23 February 2004 04:10, by Geoffrey Szuszkiewicz

    Thank you Joss for years of entertainment and sharing your vision with us. Even though your genius mind can’t make something mass marketable the audience you are targeting understands your vision loud and clear, and it has "kicked my evolution up a couple notches". I’m a 20yo who hates television on a whole, with your two shows being the exception. When they wonder why America is getting dumber, its cuz there are less outlets for anything even slightly thought provoking, or intelligent. I love everything you have managed to do Joss Whedon and my heart goes out to you and everyone ever involved with Buffy or Angel. You have managed to stay a free thinker and think outside the box you produce for. And I’m grateful that I have had both Buffy and Angel around to shape my young impressionable mind since I was 13. I know I am a hell of a lot better because of it. Thank you for everything Joss Whedon!! Please don’t ever stop creating , cuz I know I will follow your career and your art for a longtime to come after this.

    Yours Truly, From Canada Geoffrey

  • > Joss Whedon’s Reaction About Angel’s Cancellation

    23 February 2004 04:42, by Christopher Miehl

    I am deeply saddend and upset after hearing the news that Angel is due to cancelled at the end of the season. By far, it is the best written and most dramatic show on the air in 2003.

    If the WB is cancelling the show due to low rating, they are so short sited. Like Star Trek, I see the reruns of Angel on Television for the next fifty years. Also, I believe Angel’s third season on DVD is on top of the sales charts. Doesn’t this mean big money for everyone invovled.

    With all the crap on the WB along with all the crap on television, it would be wonderful to see a well written, acted, humorous and dramatic show continue to survive. Long live the Angel show (if only in reruns) and let’s boycott watching all the WB shows until they renew the Angel series.

    Christopher Miehl Temecula, CA

  • > Joss Whedon’s Reaction About Angel’s Cancellation

    23 February 2004 13:10, by mare68australia

    What is the world coming to? We have one of this centuries best genius’ going to waste. They cancelled firefly which we haven’t got in oz yet, Buffy, the best program in the world with the best writers and actors and stories and plot changes and the whole vampire genre, (that joss should win every award going for)that has finished, and now I find out today that Angel is finishing up? Well just go and destroy my whole world why don’t ya! I have no idea what I will watch now. All we have is who can be a million dollar bachelor that can survive a week in a paradise resort, while doing an extreme backyard makeover, whilst solving every missing,murdered, raped,medical trauma event with their cereal box law degree,at the same time as sharing a house with 20 strangers!!!???###@!&****

    Well, anyway I know we’ll see more of all the buffy/angel actors because they’re the best, and all the writers willbe picked up, and I’m sure Joss will have something else in the pipelines, but we will lose some of the best ideas ever put to screen. I for one will probably just watch all the reruns, that is if they have the brains to put them on!!!

  • Hi. Just thought I would express my great disappointment at Angel being cancelled after season 5, its almost like they don’t like having shows for more than 5 seasons. Its such a shame for the one show thats on my "must see list" to be taken of the air. I am very grateful to you for doing the whole road less travelled thing. Means I actually get a break from reality televison. Season 5 has just started on Australian screens and I gotta say that the cast and crew are in top form. You’ll just have to get that brain of yours working and come up with another top show to write and maybe go to a netowrk thats not afraid to show something a little different! Best of Luck
  • > Joss Whedon’s Reaction About Angel’s Cancellation

    24 February 2004 05:04, by Shannon
    Has anyone thought that maybe the Sci-fi channel would be a good place to send the Buffy/Angel stories? Someone said that they should do a ’Faith the Vampire Slayer’ and put everyone back in that show. That could be a really good idea, maybe not the name, but something that incorporates all of the old scoobie gang and the new Angel group. Joss, or someone from the show should try and work a contract with Sci-fi, if at all possible. I think that seems to be a logical thing, it’s not likely that Sci-fi would cancel such a great oportunity for more viewers on their channel.
  • > Joss Whedon’s Reaction About Angel’s Cancellation

    24 February 2004 05:52, by Chad B.

    I just want to thank you, Joss, for many years of wonderful entertainment with Angel.

    The show was unforgettable and will be sorely missed by all.

    Hopefully, we’ll see Angel (and Buffy) in the future.

    Wishing you, the cast and crew the best for the future and I hope you will all be seen somewhere on (or behind) the screen soon.

  • Hey this is Bec, all the way from Australia. I just wanted to say that it FUCKING sux dat the WB are cancelling Angel. I mean what BLOODY DICKHEADS, they have the best show wif good ratings, a GREAT cast, an AWESOME director who makes the show unique WOT MORE DO THEY WANT. Anywayz i dunno bout everyone else but I am sick and tired of bloody boring and predictable shows where you go she is goin to die they will get married ect and it happens.Its that, more bloody reality TV shows or ANGEL. Without angel there is no point in having TV. I just wanna tell JOSS an everyone DONT GIVE UP OTHER NETWORKS WILL HAVE YOU IM SURE, DONT LET THE SHOW END LIKE DIS AND MOST OF ALL DONT GIVE UP ON US, YOUR FANS!!! COZ WE WONT GIVE UP ON ANGEL WE ARE THERE ALL THE WAY.
  • > Joss Whedon’s Reaction About Angel’s Cancellation

    29 February 2004 01:31, by Victoria
    I thought the world would end when Buffy went off the air. I thought Angel had at least another year. Suppose I’ll be moving into my post T.V. phase because what else is worth watching?

    See online : Joss Whedon’s Reaction About Angel’s Cancellation

  • > Joss Whedon’s Reaction About Angel’s Cancellation

    19 March 2004 19:04, by Felicia Catalano
    According to the WB’s telephone comment voicemail, they also have an email address: standards@talk.thewb.com
  • I really don’t want Angel to end. Now buffy is gone Angel can’t go!! now what am i going to watch now!!! my life is incomplete without them, and my dream is over. I’ve always wanted to be on Angel or Buffy. Then I’ve been starting to go and be an actress and someday make it on either shows, but they’re both going to end. A little bit before buffy ended i was thinking more about acting and the dreams that i had, but then i found out that buffy was ending. My heart was crushed. So i left my dream in the hands or Angel but now that it’s being canceled i feel that it’s God telling me that acting isn’t my thing. I wish i could be an actress. Now i’m going to have to find a new passion...


  • > Joss Whedon’s Reaction About Angel’s Cancellation

    28 March 2004 05:16, by Jan McCarty

    I am TRES DESOLEE!!!! Unconsolable, Once again, an orphan!! First Buffy, then Angel. I emailed the WB 3 times, and told them I’d NEVER watch their channel again if they took Angel off. I told them their network would go down the tubes. Hope I’m right. Mr. Whedon, you are almost God. You are right, your crew was just hitting their stride. The WHOLE WORLD was there to play with and some neanderthal cro magnan type who can’t see their nose in front of their face (I’m being kind) yanked the plug. WAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaa. You HAVE to find another network! Anybody with HALF a brain would weocome you with open arms!!! I have about 30 Buffy books, the outfit Buffy wore in "Conversations With Dead People", and other Buffy memorabilia, you are a COMPLETE GENIUS!!!!! We LOVE you. Don’t ever change.



  • hi i am a big fan of angel and buffy...and am very disappointed with the end...i am starting to accept it...seems to happen anytime i really like a show...sometimes you wonder what the suits(WB) are thinking about up there

    so one way i dealt with the ending was i made a montage of some good scenes from both shows last year to share with my sisters and friends who enjoyed buffy and angel

    i was wondering if anybody out there has a website or knows of anybody with a website or a way of letting more people see the angel-buffy montage...its about 15 min but can be broken up in 5 minute short films...i am working on a strictly angel for the end..it will be great...

    if anybody can help me at all....please e-mail me at grayarea@sprint.ca



  • I just wanted to say how sad I think it is that the network cancelled "Angel." If the writers, cast and crew had said they were tired of the show and it was time to end, then so be it- but that doesn’t seem to be the case. And as JM said about playing Spike, vampires are ageless so obviously the show was going to have to end sometime...but why couldn’t WB have waited for the time to come naturally?

    In this day of reality tv where no quality writing is needed, and no quality actors are found, it is really a shame to cancel the most creative show on television (I think even more so than Buffy was, which I also loved.)

    I hope that Joss Whedon doesn’t get too discouraged, and suggest he take his next story idea to a different network where perhaps he would be more appreciated!

    Know that your fans appreciate you.


  • > Joss Whedon’s Reaction About Angel’s Cancellation

    7 June 2004 02:43, by wendy witch
    I have never jumped on any "band wagon" in my life - and this one seems a tad shallow but what the heck. I have been watching buffy and angel from a little town in Australia called Wagga Wagga (yes, it is meant to be repeated) and every Thursday night is my little escape from the real world of work and motherhood and normality. Don’t think me trife but my little world will be a little bit sadder and a little less funny without Joss Whedon’s enthralling story lines and absolutely "crack up" humour. I for one, for what it is worth will miss you all. This sucks!!!!!

    See online : Angels End

  • omg no way, after 5 years of angel and the fact that spike and harmony showed up with the death of cordelia, fred and wesley....definitaly this is insane about cancelling the show....and most of all we want to see the big war in the apocalypse on the last episode of season 5 and how it ends, and the fact that buffy has 7 seasons...why doesnt Angel have 7 seasons? and i bet that all the people want more than 7 seasons i mean Angel is way better than buffy or any other show and its a BIG MISTAKE cancelling the show and most of all that i agreed on joss whedon’s reaction is that he dont think that WB is doing the right thing and they aredefinitely not doing the right thing. i hope for more seasons of Angel and we’ll never leave it without a fight.
  • I only discovered Angel a year ago. I am addicted to it now. The hour goes by so fast because it has everything. True emotion, story line, humor, violence and symbolically is about all human values, prejudices, fears, emotions and push the envelope creativity. Sad that it is gone.
  • Joss Whedon’s Reaction About Angel’s Cancellation

    20 April 2006 04:57, by Anonymous
    UGHHHHHHHHHHHH!! That makes me soooooooooooooooooooo upset about what happened. The way the ending had to be. They left it off with them all going to fight its like "what happens next?" Its like the whole Angel Series was based on one thing and then at the end of the 2nd season (I think) when they brought this whole thing about him having the chance of becoming human again and they emphasized on it more as they went on in the seasons to the point where that was Angel’s main goal and sort of the thing it was based around and maybe the the thing that most people were look forward to seeing at the end and it didnt happen. Its just like he never got his reward, and you never saw what happend next. Who was gonna become human again, him or spike or maybe even both, was Buffy gonna be in the last episodes how Buffy and Angel were talking about Buffy was "cookie dough" not done baking, and were they gonna fight the big fight together unlike they did in the last season of Buffy, It’s just like WHAT HAPPENS NEXT??!! but there wasnt any next, thats all. It would have even been alright with one more episode to show what happened, who got what, etc. Theres nothing anyone could really do about it now, I mean the comments that people write right now isn’t gonna change anything. Idk. Maybe Joss could throw together like a small mini season 6 series of Angel or something. All the seasons and the whole show was based around seeing how it ends for Angel and the others but it didnt happen. Yea it ended but it left people wondering and some may think thats okay because they could interpret the ending or the way they would think it might end but it doesnt fill in the blanks. Its kind of late to be writing this but I just watched the last season and every single thing was great up to the last episode. Everything before that was making us want to see what happens next and when they brought Spike into the picture it brought more wonder like okay whats gonna happen now is it Angel or is it Spike whos gonna become human. Why’d WB have to cancel??!!
  • I have watched the series over here in England ........can’t believe its ended.......and even worse on such a cliff hanger!!! Someone pay for a new season!!