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Joss Whedon’s SERENITY Rides Again

Thursday 27 January 2005, by Webmaster

Whedon’s SERENITY Rides Again — And Converts Another FIREFLY Non-Fan!!

I am - Hercules!!

When Universal mounted its first test-screening of “Serenity” in Chatsworth, Calif., last month, everyone I spoke to in line seemed to know what they were seeing, even if they weren’t terribly familiar with its writer-director or the TV show on which the movie is based. Now it looks like the studio arranged a second test-screening of Joss Whedon’s directorial debut Tuesday night in Ventura, Calif., but this time invited people who had no idea what they were seeing until they were in their seats. Our reviewer counts himself as a Whedon fan, but says he didn’t much care for “Firefly” before he saw the movie. Now he’s keen to catch up with every episode. Call him “Artie Dodger”:

What happens when a Whedon fan sees "Serenity" with the uninformed? FRUSTRATION!

The Century theater in Ventura held a secret screening last night. It turned out to be "Serenity". I was quite happy when the title was announced along with a few others who whooped and hollered but most had never heard of it. There were a few awkward chuckles. Meanwhile we were burning up in the theater and packed pretty tight. This was going to be tough crowd.

I absolutely loved the movie. I was not in love with the show before, but now I will be pulling the box set off the shelf and watching the 10 episodes I haven’t seen.

The crown reaction seemed mixed. I heard laughs and cheers and one good scream during a scary part ... and a lot more laughter after that. I don’t think most people were expecting sci-fi. Some of the women had a problem with the violence. Not me ... bring on the Reavers!!! Still I think a lot of non-Whedonites left pretty pissed off. I heard stuff like "waste of time", "worst movie ever" " why didn’t they have laser?" ... blah blah blah... I’m sure they’ll all line up to see "Constantine" with Keanu Reeves.

Joss, if you’re listening, don’t change the film based on these morons. Don’t let the studio push you around. It’s a great film. Mal, River, and the rest of the cast rocks! Seconded! “Serenity” will never appeal to every demographic, but it’s a precision-forged entertainment and certain to create legions of fiercely loyal advocates. If the studio tries to sand off its edges in a bid for universal appeal, there’s every chance it won’t appeal to anybody.

It launches into cinemas Sept. 30.

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  • > Joss Whedon’s SERENITY Rides Again

    31 January 2005 00:06, by Anonymous
    I will be one of the ones who whoops at the title. I can’t WAIT! I hope this movie is sucessful. I’m trying to recruit fans, tho it’s hard to lend out my beloved Firefly DVDs....