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KTLA’s Angel Bits - 11/13/03

Sunday 16 November 2003

•Wesley’s dad looked so familiar to us that we felt the need to do a little snooping.

The actor’s name is Roy Dotrice. He’s a Tony-winning thespian who actually began acting when he was a Prisoner of War in WWII.

You may recognize him from when he played Jacob Wells in the TV series "Beauty and the Beast" or maybe as Father Gary Barrett in "Picket Fences." Dotrice also played Zeus (not just anyone can play Zeus you know) in the much loved series "Hercules: The Legendary Journeys." On the big screen RD played Mozart in the critically acclaimed "Amadeus" and most notably (as far as we are concerned) he played Anton Pamchenko - the father of the brilliant ice dancing move, cleverly titled "The Pamchenko" in "The Cutting Edge" starring fellow WB’er One Tree Hill’s Moira Kelly. •Just a little bit of gossip this week from E! Television’s Kristen. Rumor has it that Mercedes McNab (Harmony) is going to be officially joining the cast of Angel. Kristen confirms that the actress signed on for 18 of the 22 episodes for this year. But we’ve done the math (admittedly not our best subject) and figure she’s already not been in about four episodes so we look forward to seeing her in every single remaining episode of the season.

And speaking of Harmony - she’ll be doing a little girl bonding with Fred as the two hit the town for a wild and wooly chick’s night out LA-LA style. Spike will become human after a visit from a little blue fairy. We remain cynical about fairies on the show. We can do beasties but fairies - we’ll just have to wait and see. And Tom Lenk, Andrew Wells of (BTVS fame) will be showing up in the 11th episode. We’ll learn that Wells has been in training with - of all people - Giles! Now get Giles on the show and we’ll really be thrilled.

•And perhaps the best news of all still remains to be spilled. Remember all the hoops we jumped through to assure that Angel would return for season five this year? There was much signing of petitions, pleading with WB execs, weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth. According to E! Television’s Kristen, not only has the show been picked up for all of season five, season six is already in the bag! Must really be something to that Wolfram & Hart place.

•Need to do a little Angel catch-up? Do you have zero idea who Doyle is? Ever hear of the Hyperion? If Lindsey McDonald doesn’t even ring a bell, it’s time to head to TNT.

The cable network is going to show seasons one through three according to the Hollywood Reporter. TNT signed a deal with 20th Century and Mutant Enemy to acquire the second run rights to 88 episodes of our favorite show.