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KTLA’s Angel bits - 10/30/03

Friday 31 October 2003, by Webmaster

Some really good spoilage coming down the virtual pike lately, including the fact that we’ll soon be meeting the elder Wyndam-Pryce. You read it correctly folks, Wesley’s father, Mr. Roger Wyndam-Pryce will come to Los Angeles to evaluate his son in order to readmit him into the Watcher’s Council. Rog, unhappy with his son’s career choices of late, is hoping to redeem his son and take back the good family name but Wes is having none of it.

The gang will soon be paid a visit by the dreaded Aztec Warrior named Tezcatcatl who pops into the real world every fifty years or so in order to take the heart of a hero, which, what else - will help sustain his very existence. And we know there are plenty of heroes hanging out at W&H these days.

And finally, we’re hearing about an episode headed to a TV near you - flash backs will abound and to loyal Angel fans that means one thing…Angelus! Well, it also typically means some long hair and bad sideburns but it all depends on how far back we flash! We’ll keep you posted.

•Our Faith is all grown up and starring in her own series called "Tru Calling," which has been receiving mixed reviews from critics but the public will have a chance to see it this week for the first time. Eliza Dushku plays a college student who is an aspiring med student. She takes a job at a morgue to get in good with the medical school folks (though most doctors typically work with living patients we’re thinking) and soon begins to notice strange goings on - like the dead begin speaking to her etc.