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Kristin Chat - Eonline.com - December 8, 2003

Tuesday 9 December 2003

datagrrrl asks: Tell us, Tubalicious one, when will Charisma Carpenter be guesting on Angel?

Kristin replies: For the 100th episode, which airs Feb. 4.. The cast and crew had a big bru-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha (my sides ached, damn you Andy Hallet) on Thursday to celebrate the 100th episode, so stand by for the full details as we get closer to the ep’s airdate. We’ll most likely be putting up a package extravaganza on the whole thing.

Kristin: For now, I can tell you that David Boreanaz’s son is the cutest damn thing alive (the two shared a sugary sweet moment over the cake), Andy Hallet is the funniest man alive (he spent ten minutes doing silly tricks with the speeds of my tape recorder and making me laugh so hard I cried), James Marsters is still the sexiest thang alive and Alexis Denisof is now six-months married and still punch-drunk GIDDY. Too adorable.

lillyblue asks: Was Charisma there?

Kristin replies: Yes, and it sounds like she is pretty much done with the show after this episode. I’ll transcribe the interview for you and give you the deets in this week’s column, but she pretty much said that she feels this episode is wrapping up Cordelia’s storyline, and has no plans of returning.

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slayergirl3 asks: hmmmmmm, I’m going to chant my mantra of Angel, Angel, Angel over again and maybe I’ll get lucky with some news.

Kristin replies: Christian Kane is still around for the 100th episode and he’s HOPEFUL he’ll stick around even longer. As for storyline scoop (Spoiler Alert!) An upcoming ep starts with a flashback of World War II on a German submarine filled by an American crew. Everyone is running around terrified and the Captain is in no condition to command. Angel and Spike are on the submarine and there’s talk between the crew that Angel stabbed a man.

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Kristin replies: Man, the Angel peeps are restless today! Okay, here’s Cordy’s storyline, according to Charisma: "The 100th episode is about....well, we need to wrap up Cordelia. It’s very important that we bring her out of the coma and justify her - situate her. Basically, Cordelia strikes a deal with the powers that be (they owe her a favour) to get Angel on track because Spike has come back, and in doing so has created a lot of self doubt. And Cordelia asks the powers that be to give her this last favour and let her go get Angel on track. Then she leaves. She’s in, she’s out".