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Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Last Man Standing : Vampirella vs Buffy, the battle

Saturday 9 September 2006, by Webmaster

THE PLAYERS: Born on the blood-drenched planet Drakulon, Vampirella journeyed to Earth for a sacred mission: to destroy all vampires, the evil offspring of her own mother, Lilith! With superhuman strength and speed and the ability to transform into a bat-like creature, Vampirella has all of a vampire’s strengths, yet none of their traditional weaknesses.

Buffy Summers is this generation’s Chosen One, a Slayer with the sole skill and responsibility of ending the spread of evil. Just out of high school in Sunnydale, Calif., Buffy has Olympic-level martial-arts skills, a virtual arsenal of weapons (from stakes to rocket launchers!) and most importantly, a cunning mind.

THE BATTLE: In a dark, abandoned warehouse, a hungry Vampirella searches for her evil brethren. Hearing a scuffle behind her, Vampi turns to face a blonde-haired, cross-wielding teenage Buffy. Seeing no reaction in Vampi’s face, Buffy ditches the cross and tosses a flaskful of holy water at Vampi, who tries explaining she’s out hunting vampires, too. No dice. The Buffster whips out the heavy artillery-a crossbow-and just nicks Vampi’s shoulders. Trying desperately to keep her bloodlust in check, an enraged Vampirella swarms Buffy, knocking her straight through a pile of wooden crates. Racing to Buffy’s bruised and scratched-up side, Vampi arrives just in time for Buffy to deliver a swift kick to the solar plexus, followed by a fury of punches, kicks, jabs and roundhouses. Somewhat dazed, Vampi lunges for Buffy’s open neck, only to find a two-foot piece of wood jabbed through her heart. Class dismissed.

THE WINNAH...Buffy the Vampirella Slayer!

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