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Learn How Spike Returns To ANGEL II

Friday 1 August 2003, by Webmaster

Ah, the casting pages for the second episode of "Angel’s" fifth season (written, they say, by David Fury and Ben Edlund) turned up Tuesday! What we learn:
* Spike’s a dang ghost! Well… A major character in the episode will refer to Spike as "a ghost — close enough, anyhow." Cleavers pass right through Spike, as do doors and walls. He mocks Angel incessantly, and Angel has no means to escape the ghostly taunting!
* And check it out. Spike is somehow "stuck" to Angel! Another reason for blondie not to look up a key slayer pal!
* But don’t worry, girls! Unlike Cordy’s longtime roomie Dennis, Spike can be seen. Well, he kind of blurs in and out, and even disappears at times. Ghost-style. If you will.
* For the second time in two episodes, Angel will badly ruffle the feathers of his new Wolfram & Hart underlings.
* For the second time in two episodes, Angel will rankle a key Wolfram & Hart client. This week’s disgruntled? One Magnus Hainsley. No relation to "West Wing’s" hot red hot and blonde Republican Ainsley Hayes. One presumes.
* Hainsley, a telekinetic, runs what Angel terms a "body shop" and has uses for the recently deceased. He services an inhuman clientele. If you’re thinking snacks? You’d be wrong. (Herc affixes a finger-and-thumb "L" to his forehead.)
* Hainsley stops short of dusting Angel, noting that the senior pardners still have plans for the series’ title character.
* Angel pulls an "Eliot Ness" on Hainsley. Which Spike mocks as well.
* Hainsley hints that Spike’s ghostly status could be temporary - if Spike teams with Hainsley against Angel.
* But it turns out the flesh Hainsley initially promises Spike won’t look very Spike-like. But will nonetheless be very Buffy-boyfriend-like. IF you know what we mean.
* Spike intimates that he likes Winifred Burkle in a more-than-brotherly fashion!
"Angel" returns to the WB Oct. 1. "Angel" 5.2 airs Oct. 8.